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I'm a unique individual with a highly creative mind. My comics are made from tons of knowledge on anime, manga, cartoons, etc.
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    James Davis
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April 17th, 2011
Well, actually
{Spoiler alert}
he can't swim. And since Bison City is in the south. There aren't really a lot of large bodies of water near by. Also, he can be beat. It's just not easy. He's the kinda guy u put up against Spiderman, Superman, or Goku.
I'm sorry for the wait
Antisocialboy webcomic is kinda dinky.
I think I'll change the name. Any ideas on his new name, I'd love to hear them. As for the comic itself, I've drawn a whole first issue and colored it. All I have to do is insert the txt and upload it. The comic's not dead, It's just been away for a while. Thank you.
Ooooooooh. Alot of sense is being made.
They weren't undressing for sexual reasons, they were changing into their costumes.

They weren't getting handcuffs for their sadistic roleplay, they were about to fight crime....

I feel so stupid. XD