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I don't want to say my name but I'm 16 (I'm old T_T) and I love art. I draw, read, play volleyball, love high jump with a burning passion, play the piano, go on adventures, and I don't like to be forced to do anything, though I do well under pressure. MY GRAMMAR AND SPELLING SUXORS. I'm a lazy person D:.

One comic so far! Happiness for one comic! :]

Favorite artist include Tetsuya Nomura (I can only dream to be like him), Aya Nakahara (I just LOVE her style), Hoshino Katsura (she's so versatile!), Mitsuba Takanashi (Her bishies' faces make me swoon >w<), Clamp (><'), Komi Naoshi (<3), Tite Kubo (I'm just attracted to his style), and Ichtys
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OMG it's like Peter and the Giant Chicken. I love it.
I remember that Twilight Zone episode!! I remember watching it and going, "What the heck!? That was dumb!" But it's been haunting my mind ever since so that whenever I get on a plane I write and hide little notes like "It's on the wing!" and "Look out for the creature on the wing!"
Push B? Is George not part of Atty's Pokemon world? Is this world actually virtual where George is an avatar being controlled by someone else somewhere else!? IS ATTY SOME NPC THAT ACCIDENTALLY GOT SENT ON A POKEMON JOURNEY IN A VIRTUAL MMORPPG (mass multiplayer online role playing Pokemon game)!? GASP!!!! .... or am I just reading into things that don't exist?
I know you probably hear this WAY too often, but I love how you always respond to everybody's posts.
Thad and Trix: Wow, look at all the damage that charmander did! We should capture it!

... and thus another protagonist is chased by Team Rocket.
Speeding up updates? Hurrah!
There was a contest!? I'm so upset that I missed out! T_T
He's too young!! And she's too old... and big boobed! D:
Atty, uses CIGARETTE!!! :D
LoL i like his scream. "AAAAAAA-UH!?"
Nooo!!! Metis is a pedophile. Zeus is still a baby!!! D:<
foolish bug catcher! Atty just caught a pikachu. Good luck...
no... Dragonthing... NOOOOO!!!!!!
This was great. xD I want to send you fanart!
That was beautiful....

And Happy (late) Birthday!
oh no!! i thought it was due the 26th!!! :'( I didn't send it yet...
oooo mysterious I can't wait to see how this develops. I'm so happy you're back and updating by the way. :D
#1 Blood N Brandy
#2 Don't Fear the Reaper