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I like to read manga (reason why I'm here, lol) And I write fanfictions...not really much else about me.

Deviantart account: SakuraHigurashi

Also my sis has a webcomic here called "On the desk of" and one called "MBJ", or "My Broken Jaw". Check them out!

My sis and my friend have started a webcomic called "Eternal" Check it out below, I work on some of the editing
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My town has one of these. They have lazers and a fog machine too X3 it's an awesome place
So true
When I fought him with my mage Hawke I had some difficulty, when I fought him with my warrior Hawke I had to change the difficulty to casual...but when I fought him with my rogue Hawke there was no fighting him without using 20 potions and guerilla tactics XD
My reaction was : "I really want to kill you, but I know I'll have to fight against Fenris later, so I can't afford to lose more."
Why Fenris, why? T^T
In SotC, my horse jumped a cliff to get to me, not joking. And yes, Aggro is the horse's name.
Aww T^T
I enjoyed it so far, but I guess all good things must come to an end.
hehe *nosebleeds* awesome XD
Love the artwork!
I instantly thought of Mirror's Edge. Man that game was frustrating.
Not the babies!
Mwahaha jk. Kill dem all! XD
lol I kid I kid
Wish I could T^T but I can't

Also, I spy a Zidane Chibi~ <3
I'm Batman!
Thank you. Now tea is all over my desk XD made me lol
Nooooo! And I just started reading this today! Excellent comic. Love the characters already. Insta-fave~
Labyrinth~ Awesome movie
LMAO love that song. Now if I play the game that'll be in my head constantly
I've missed this comic so much! Glad it's not dead.
Noooooo! The last page? (at this point)
Been reading this all day XD Epically awesome!
My first comment on this comic. AMAZING! Might I say. Gruesome, yet beautiful at the same time.

Also, might I add
Squish XD
*spasms on floor*
lol is it sad that I want a bigger breast size just so I can hold a glass of pepsi now X3