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Occupation: college student.

I'm in a transitional period these days; I used to think novel writing was my destiny, but I find lately that I'm not so sure.

I need words as much as I need cartoons, and languages and their complexities fascinate me. I live and breathe Disney to the point of being cultish, and my addiction to yaoi is pervasive and shameful. The moment I think I've moved on from it and my obsession with porn has finally ended, something always sends me into regression.

I love movies, video games, anime, men from video games and anime, vulnerable men, men with good facial hair, men who make fictional villainy look really sexy, men who can share in indulgent yet intelligent conversation, men who like other men, women who don't live solely for men, women who like other women, women who can share in intelligent yet indulgent conversation, women who like themselves, feminists, philosophers, fantasies, good food, good music, artists, oceans, and the occasional monster with a heart of gold.
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I definitely prefer the usual style to this one. Your normal style is clean, fun, and cartoony, and fits the world of Pokemon much better than the art on this page.
Link a Separate Forum
I may be rehashing what some people have already said, but consider a solution to comments highjacking the tone of the comic by disabling comments here and simply linking a separate comments forum at the bottom of each page. That way, you separate your comic and your casual readers from any unfavorable comments and ideas. Plus, having to go somewhere to comment on the comic would most likely whittle out a few nasties because of the extra work involved. In theory, only the dedicated would go somewhere else to discuss this art. Now, there is a possibility that some people might become even more visceral or offensive due to them being taken from the more public eye and being left to their own devices, but I believe the shift would be more positive than negative.
Tail Flame
@GoogerGeiger: Oh holy cow, you're totally right about that tail flame. Considering that the few rules H0ly seems to like to keep from the games are the gruesome or life-threatening ones, I'm surprised she didn't address it.
You are SO weird, Christo.

Also, I hate to be that person, but it appears that the period after "I'm totally cool" seems either to have vanished or was never there at all.
Why do I sense the impending doom of silence?
Slugger's Face
It's absolutely awesome. He's such a charmer.
And once again, Mulligan's only purpose is to antagonize.
Ever since he realized his girl was coming on this trip he's been crabby.

Also: It looks like there's a period after "concise as always" when there should be a comma, I believe.
Too many puns.
This page of comments has them.
It makes me weep
Your work is sooo goohoohoohood.
Your HAIR, Peter.
It becomes more glorious every page. That first panel is fluffy magnificence.
Peter's got that "Barney Rubble"-thing going on on this page.
Just when I think you can't get any gayer, Sergio, you pleasantly surprise me. Hero worship is unhealthy, kid.
Stay gold, Sergio. Stay gold.
Oh Sergio. I wonder if you'll be a ladies' man when you get older? It would probably come as a shock. Because you seriously make my gaydar ping, sweetie.
Let it be known. There were in fact two panels where Sergio wasn't blushing.
I love how confused they seem. I wonder what faces they're making under the masks.
Also, lol at the red banner at the top. Equal Opportunity Nudity Policy, pfft. If it wasn't April Fools, I would have been confused and ready to rage. We bein' trolled.
Whose beautifully-dressed legs are those in the last panel, I wonder?
And there goes the bubble tea.
That last panel has got to be one of the best ever.
...And then Simon sleep-teleports them all somewhere, since holding onto him seems to be all you need to go with him. That's a big "Oops, my bad" waiting to happen.

Fantastic page as always. Simon has totally stolen the show.
Oh dear, Simon, my boy. What happened to your head? Blunt-trauma induced amnesia? Or did he have a fever, perhaps?