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Hello, I'm Kristen.
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This comic is fantastic. It doesn't tell you whats going on, but seems to give you little ideas, so you think, maybe this? But then the next pages come and goes, haha, nope, not that. Or maybe it is that after all. It strikes that balance of not sure whats going on, without being nonsense, and does it so very well.
Do you guys do a bead draw for death? Or just x number of deaths per event? The one's that do a coin flip are kind of a nuisance, you might as well go in with a disposable character. =s
If you like I can pm you the link to some of my larp groups photos. Think you'd get the most use out of the home guard tabards, and some of the festival of crows stuff. I'm not sure if other players would want their face in there exactly... so maybe more so for some clothing reference then anything else.

(on a different note, heading out today, going to be awesome! hehehe, I get to be evil.)
There are several webcomics that host on smackjeeves that also have their own sites, and host on every site they possibly can. Like Amya for example, and it seems to work for them. So... maybe talk to people who've gone that route and see what they have to say?
@Lickspittle: Oh for sure, noodle boffers are always popular because they're so simple. Yay, antics and adventure!

And yes, its been good so far. =)
Just found this...

Although different rule set, and since insurance is involved we can't drink. D: Went to a field battle group that uses this rule set though, but just a couple times. Plot is better than brainless bashing.

And to Hawthorn's question, there are so many how to videos on you-tube for making boffers. And not all groups even cover theirs in fabric. Many just wrap it up in duck tape and swing away. If you add a sleeve, make sure its removable, for weapon checks and such. Pool noodles do have a denser feel than other boffer materials. You can always tell who's swinging a noodle, and who used cut up camp mats and pipe insulating foam. Haha.
oh I thought they were snowmen! I guess i wssn't observant enough to notice that they have tails. hehe.
November 12th, 2011

Re-read this every now and again hoping that I some how missed an update. Looking forward to more epic space wizards and the like.

(please don't die story!)
That must of been the news that sent him running to the bar.
August 18th, 2011
I live in Calgary, and went to ACAD for a year... Its good if you have a goal, if not, your like "wtf am I doing here?" and then can't really transfer into anything different because its all art.

But yes, it does have a very different feel than the rest of Calgary. Except for the odd pocket of awesome here and there.
June 30th, 2011
*clap clap clap*
Don't doubt yourself, it seems really interesting. It will be fun to see where to story goes, plus its really fun to look at. =)

If you really want to stop, none of us can do anything about it, but it would be sad. =(
Robot Chicken is Seth Green, not Seth McFarlane. Although Seth Green does voice Chris on Family Guy, which was created by Seth McFarlane. Along with American Dad, and The Cleavland Show.
January 13th, 2011
Ahaha. Man powers. XD

My roommate introduced me to Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt earlier today, its pretty epic. A show with similar humor is Nerima Daikon Brothers.
*snuggles update*
G'aaw the poor little fan boy just doesn't know what to do. But blush and look cute. :3