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What a difficult choice ov o I vote Arrow~ Let chaos ensue.
:O!! Happy Birthday!
Releasing a page today though, such dedication ;;
Omg that wasn't a face I was expecting to see xD
//knows that character
Ohh I know that face.
I make that face all the time when I play survival games YOU CAN'T FOOL ME GET BACK THERE.

I'll never forgive you charlie e- e
At least until you have a magic rock and can immediately evolve again Q- Q
Oh my goodness, I was just reminded of this, glad I came to check it > O>
Welcome back! <3 I missed this comic~

I hope they're planning to take shifts keeping watch while the other sleeps.
I mean... it's only logical at this point right?
There we go, that did the trick.
Couldn't have done it better myself.
Okay... what're the bets they're running away to get something bigger/bring back their army?
SO. What are the bets this won't work, and will only serve to put them in more danger?
what is it? A special mutation?
I bet it can climb walls.
It can climb walls can't it.
You're alive!!
Welcome back! Hope you're okay hun <3

Hope he's gonna clean those pans later. :l s'not the best idea to leave them to gather mold.
Hunny you bandaged your hand FOR A REASON.
:v stupidity must be punished, not rewarded with non-beany goodness.
I wonder if Billy came back.
Story time with Charlie :>
The question is, will we get a flashback, or just skip forward, o great author?
"a bit"? Should I be worried? :l
Goodbye chapter 4! Hopefully the next one won't be as mentally scarring for either of these bbys ;v ;
Also beer in an apocalypse doesn't exactly seem like the greatest idea... just saying... Don't get wasted.
It's okay bby, I still love you. //empties my pool full of tears

I think he needs to work on his social skills a bit, they seem to be a tad rusty :>
February 16th, 2015
I wasn't expecting this at all xD
His face though, just "Wait a minute..."