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i like reading, sports surfing the web, and i hate filling these things out! iv typed that in like a billion times rant, rant, rant ... dont mind me =]
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i hope he actually does turn to stone XD
i rock! whoo! i love partycanes
evil smile! i love it!
awww he just cant win! + the drool is grossing me out!
yay for overkill!!!!!!!!! poor dragon thing, hopefully he'll suddenly evolve and get wings =]
i place bets on dragon thing, how much could bubbles hurt?
cant wait to see what it is! oh the tension!
you can do it dragonthing!
ur not dead, yay!
lol he is so cute when he blushes! i love it!
awww his face, priceless! and he blushes! he does have feeling after all , they should so get together
hahaha im guessing his sentence will be cut short, i love the new out fit its so cool! i want those goggles!