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Hi everyone! I love manga, anime, drawing (duh!), horses reading,music, and loads of other things!=P Rurouni Kenshin is my all time fav manga and Sagara Sanosuke is one of my fav characters! He's so cool! I love to draw and hope maybe to get a manga published one day! ( i hope!) So improving my art is one of my goals. Nobuhiro Watskui and Tite Kubo are magakas that i admire for their art work. One day I hope to be even half as good!
And I LOVE reader feedback so never be afraid to tell me what you think of my work. Just be nice about it please!
I hope you will enjoy my work and that I'll hear from you all soon! Kinosei=)
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OOO wounded man pride!
and now his interest is piqued! lol
Awww Tobiah... he's soo sweet!
Ooooo whats going to happen now???!! She's seen his secret!! 8O
Hello everyone! I just thought Id tell you that soon I'll be going to school and I wont be able to update as often! I deeply regret this but I will try to keep updating as often as I can! Please dont give up on me!=)
woww!!! this is soo intense!!!!

And dont worry Im sure yoiur teeth wil feel better soon!
awesome!!! so good!
@Soji-kun: thanks! I will try my hardest!!! I'm so sorry for the slow update!=)
@ Lotusqueen
Hey thanks!! I was afraid that I had botched them!!!lol
awwwww such a cute little angel!!!! Wow!I LOVE how youdid the sky!!!!
Yikes!!!! Help!
Oof! Already being pushed around??xp lol how rude! lol he doesnt seem to like girls to much does he? lol
OUCH!! Thats gonna hurt!
OH MY GOSH!!!! Thats sooo sad!!! So thats how Rei... ahhh I see! The light is dawning!!! lol
@ ENJELICIOUS Thanks! Hope that means you'll keep reading it!!!=)
OOO i'm sooo sorry I've been so bad at updating, I'm going to try harder. Please just be patient with me!!!!=)
haaha poor tobiah! so much pressure!!!
Yaa! MOre pages! awww kae looks so sad!
Oh my goodness! This is sooo facinateing and creepy!!! Brrrr it gives me the shivers!!!! And yoiur artwork is exceptional!
hahaha! O my gosh!! You draw Tobiah's dramatic emotions soo well! Awesome work!!!=)