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My god, this page is adorable.
It's a'okay dude, just do what you need to do, and I wish you the best of luck.

I'm going to go with donatsu, it just sounds funny
Thanks for ripping my already battered heart into two and stomping all over it.
*Abnormaly whimpering noises* Herz, why?! Why must you go through so much, you're such a sweetheart! DX
Well all righty then...
I didn't really see that one coming, but hey who am I to reject free yaoi.
*sits down and watches*
@Daeva-kun: I know that it's not that shocking anymore, but still...

Besides I was kinda hoping for Artiglio to be male. Just sayin' >.>
Wait WHUT!?!?!?! OoO
The person-demon crow-type-thing that I thought was male was actually female?????
My mind has been blown.
For some reason I thought that the "swoooosh" said "swoooon". Which kind of confused me for a sec' until I looked at it again.
I love the reactions of the customers! Makes me wish that I witnessed something like this in real life. >3<
Woah O.O
Though I somehow get the feel that this MIGHT be a wet dream, I dunno, could be wrong because I was before >.>
Oh *snaps finger*. Shit just got real.
The other person might be josh if it's a dude, because the hair fits, but if it's a chick than idk
AASKJLHDSDKFBAWHDSB Is that... OMG! it really is! *faints from mindfuckery*
Well that escalated quickly.
I got Nikolai X3
You know, I really, REALLY like where this is going.
Watch Mr.Goatee be blue shirt's lover or something so he'll be like "B*stard get your hands off my property." then Mace will be like, "Hell no, b*tch.". Then this happens and that happens, and Mace gets kicked out.
I never even knew that "Flibbertigibbet" was a word. I'm so going to use that now.
When I saw the mini version of the image, I thought the baton was a vibrator....I need help
I'm not the only one who finds this to be a contradiction right? Django has dem nice abs, but he looks so damn adorable with that blush and his timidness. UGH, why are you so lovable Django.