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They're so sweet laksdfjalsdkf awww
this is so precious and funny, awww~~
I wonder where DT is o_o''
Me right now: *squeeeeeeeeeee*
November 27th, 2016
Ah, I'm so glad!!
You know, it would be a lot easier reading this comic if it weren't for the bars on the top and the bottom of the page design )':
Awww, beautiful <3
Well bro, no offense, but ASEXUAL, which is also okay. I was in love with a woman once, but that doesn't change that I'm an ace.
Love comes in many forms so .... Please just ... educate yourself.

A lot of times people write great relationships between two characters of the same gender and include this certain spark where you'd think love would bloom but disregard it because 'no homo'. I'm glad you're not doing that but instead go for the 'yes homo' route instead.
You're very good at portraying these sort of relationships.

I'm happy we're getting some gay dogs. c:

(I guess it was to be expected that some people here in the comments aren't as happy as I am about this. Then again, I'm asexual and biromantic - I personally don't get any characters that are like me. So I'm super happy for every character that exits who isn't straight.)
... I'll probably get shit for this but man, I ship these two, hahahaha.
Oops. That might be a problem.
Btw, since you're mirroring the pages on tumblr:
Have you considered disabling endless scrolling? At some point the page just crashes for me because it's too much on one page. Adding /pages/(number) tells me I'm not allowed to do that (works on many endless scrolling blogs)
Unfortunately it's hard to navigate that blog in general. ):
That sure is a huge ship. o_o"
Take your time! Better rest that wrist!
Where did the collar go? Did it get absorbed?
December 14th, 2014
Correction for your German language text: 'Der weltweite Wunsch nach Friede' because 'Wunsch' is a male noun and therefor needs 'der', not 'die', also, a comma would look nice after 'Chance'. :)
Looks like parts of Kiev's spine.
@kawaii blackrose:
I'm going to be 26 this year xD
3 am? Dylan, your liver!

... Okay, no, but the thing is when you always wake up at a specific time it's your body trying to tell you that one of your organs needs a little help. 3 am is liver time. I know that because my liver is a little whiner. xD