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well. OOPS!
Okay then, keep your secrets.

Eugh, your poor tablet :'c
oh hell yeah
I have to admit I'm disappointed that Mika turns out to be .... not .... gay /: hm
Omg Missy's face is so good xD
oh....... oh no
My dumb ass over here: is she aro *big gasp* hell yeah
@znuff: Yikes, someone is being a bit snotty. The artist doesn't owe us anything. This is a comic you get to read for free, remember that.
You posted so many pages in such a short time, I'm not surprised that it got away from you. Please rest, relax, recharge and whenever you decide to continue working on the comic we'll be more than happy to enjoy what you gift us.
After all, you're doing this for free. You deserve a rest! Thank you for your comic!
You just didn't want to draw the dog, didn't you
Disney just over there like, lions with only one cub? Good enough.
I wonder where DT is o_o''
November 27th, 2016
Ah, I'm so glad!!
You know, it would be a lot easier reading this comic if it weren't for the bars on the top and the bottom of the page design )':

A lot of times people write great relationships between two characters of the same gender and include this certain spark where you'd think love would bloom but disregard it because 'no homo'. I'm glad you're not doing that but instead go for the 'yes homo' route instead.
You're very good at portraying these sort of relationships.

I'm happy we're getting some gay dogs. c:

(I guess it was to be expected that some people here in the comments aren't as happy as I am about this. Then again, I'm asexual and biromantic - I personally don't get any characters that are like me. So I'm super happy for every character that exits who isn't straight.)
... I'll probably get shit for this but man, I ship these two, hahahaha.
Btw, since you're mirroring the pages on tumblr:
Have you considered disabling endless scrolling? At some point the page just crashes for me because it's too much on one page. Adding /pages/(number) tells me I'm not allowed to do that (works on many endless scrolling blogs)
Unfortunately it's hard to navigate that blog in general. ):
That sure is a huge ship. o_o"
Where did the collar go? Did it get absorbed?