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a weird bi-polar person. Has multi personalities!
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New characterszzz! :D D{

Also all the faces in the last two panels = <3
January 27th, 2013
I have a potentially insulting question <3
I knew he'd be back ;3;...lets just hope he doesn't explode to death this time
...he tried?
I can not put my appreciation of this comic into awesome or witty words but thanks for continuing to bestow your beautiful work to us!
Back story :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I can feel the sadness coming D; -still excited-
Too much manlinesssss~! -swoon-
Good luck on your exams!

No need to rush, can't rush greatness especially if you've got another work load. I can totally wait a few extra weeks if it means more of your amazingness is coming~!
Tehehe Sherlock reference for the win~!

great name
Haha oh god this is gonna be so good, can't wait~!
You have broken me with your guys lovely art/comic/everything skills once again...I am filled with so much jealously and love!

btw wish I could fav this multiple times, I keep trying but it doesn't work...}:
I love your art so much, it's really makes me feel bad for not commenting on every page since I can tell effort has been put and I'm always excited for an update (so I really should be showing more of my support, sorry about that!)

But anyways simple put, awesome work and I look forward to it's continuance!

Also good luck on you finals, no rush your work is definitely worth waiting for! :}
overlord is sooo cute! cute and terrifying! :D
Woot go for it Rhode, y'know before adam eats your face in the not as sexy way~!

(Adam's face is WIN)
woah a really change though both look really good~! Just got into you're comics, they're so well drawn it's a wonder how I missed them!
Ooooo much try for the fanart, it could be fun and I do love me some ross kitty~!
Dio new target? :DDDDDDD
pants and boots in one go, amazing skills she has there!