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Current Working on Lone Sentinel, devoting most of my drawing time to this project.
A final rendition of one of my four main characters, Ami Moscari, in Lone Sentinel
Right and Wrong?
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You're doing someone a favor by giving them a ride, yet you use that to get to where you're going?
Bet Money on It
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I think Maverick has a point there, Basher. You might want to listen to him. Don't worry, there's always next year, right?
It's time
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A potential ambush? Let's hope for Basher and Maverick's sake they're ready for him.
And so...
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Now ends the friendship of James and Basher, and now begins their enemyship as well.
History Lesson (Sort of...)
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Somewhat of a history lesson of why the Legion was started and what they are to stand for. Plus what Basher thinks of them right now
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Don't get me wrong, Power is great to have. It's just how that power is used, that's what he's implying. And to some extent, I agree with him.
Do you?
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Do you like them? Seems cool to have ^^
Team Name?
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James sometimes tries a bit too hard to think of names for anything. Seriously, what comes to your mind when you hear the name "IcyHot Shock?"
An Old Friend, A New Enemy
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Basher's old friend from the Legion, James Winn. Now it seems to be Basher's first enemy.
Introducing the Legion
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The mysterious leader of the Legion, Cmdr. Vulcan. What does he have planned?
Best Friend Advice Pt 2
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It's also nice to have a best friend that not only guides you along the way, but also to provide some sort of comic relief to lift your spirits ^^
Reality Hurts
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When someone tells you what you're doing is wrong or to stop doing what your doing because you have other important things to handle first, it kinda stings. You could only imagine how Basher is feeling right now...
Best Friend Advice
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Sometimes your best friend is there to help correct your understanding and judgement. So grateful that Maverick is there for Basher.
So it begins
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(If someone would like to help me fix the navigation buttons to make them go the other way, thanks in advance! ^^)

So the story begins of Lone Sentinel, introducing Basher Cass and Maverick Tam, his best friend. Enjoy! ^^
So as I was working away on my comic pages, I forgot the cover page of all things. ^^;
No worries, here it is now. I hope you enjoy my comic!
It's my character Ami. I should probably mention that...^^;
But the whole "waking from dormancy" thing is just me getting stuff up
Another one
This one is for my fan-project, Hour of Destiny, inspired by Sonic 3 and Knuckles
A little something I had for a while, just finally got around to finishing the darn picture. ^^

I have a few that I'll post up soon.
Tails. Perfect name for a cat ^^
Love the comic btw