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Is it a he?
Sorry, I thought it was a 'she' xD but everyone else said 'he' so Idk? ^^;;

But on another note, while I think that it may be those cases of either heart-broken, jealous, triggered memories. What if they (since again I don't know the gender for sure) are just homophobic? o.O Idk if that doesn't exist in this universe but I'm looking at this from all possible angles ;P I hope that's not the case though.

My main thing was: what gender are you?!??! XD
Just woke up
Really glad I re-read your comments, 'cause my brain's not fully awake yet and I read it as "send me messages of 'more!' and 'faster'" and was like 'oh :O they want encouragement' and then re-read it and realized it was the EXACT opposite XD But don't sweat it, your true fans will always be here ^w^ Those people obviously don't know what being an artist is like ;P
Daw D:
I haven't liked atty much in this comic, not gonna lie. I'm rooting for him, but at the same time I'm like 'stop being so stupid/mean!!' DX Anywho, since no one else has mentioned it I'm guessing not, but that "new guy" looks like the guy George stole the ticket from o.O maybe I'm wrong, I am on two hours of sleep XD Anything's possiblw
March 1st, 2015
Dont. You. DARE
That sentence XD I'm assuming he means he better not pay xD Sounds like me when I go shopping with a friend/boyfriend
October 16th, 2014
OMG!!! MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE SPOOFFF!!! XDD I love it soooo much :D <3 <3
So THIS is why he hates guns, and what they meant when he said he got shot by one in the past :O Yay earlier parts of the comic coming into play ^w^ and...Am I first? O.O THAT'S NEVER HAPPENED TWT YYAAYYY!!!
Welcome back! :D And don't be sorry. Art juices flow as they will ;P Like fruits, certain seasons they just don't grow well; but when they come blooming, we appreciate them all the more for it since we missed them, no? :D If that made any mind works strangely xD
Awwwwwwwwwwwww <3 I'm re-reading this comic, cause I can ;P And I just noticed in the background with his pictures one of them is Lemon and Lime at their wedding. He does care <3
Like Drakanor said, you did a fine job all by yourself :D The only thing off is the title. It says chapter 6 page 9, but there's already one, and a page 10, so since this is under chapter 7 I'd guess it's page 1 or Chapter 6 page 11? Other than that, keep up the awesome work :) Love this comic! <3
July 31st, 2013
Forgotten Math Skills XD
First off, just gotta say, I LOVE THIS COMIC!!!! I keep checking every day for updates at different points. It's just soooo cuute :D And the way it's colored is so original! And just reading this part is making me try to figure out the math myself, so I'm like 'Wouldn't that make it 30?' but maybe that's what she's 'WAIT!'ing about ;P That or my math skills are just a bit out of practice xD Anywho, LOVE YOUR COMIC and sorry for ranting ^^;;
Pedo Bear in Disguise!!!
He's such a creepy, but realistic, villain. UGH! Can anyone say pedo-bear much?? Just re-caught up again, since I keep getting sick, so it's nice to see how much this updated since I got behind. And come on Kaidou to the rescue! RUN SAITO, RUN! (life's like a box of chocolates... trololol) :D
Love it! :D
Wow! I just started reading this comic, and I just caught up. This is sooo good! :D And it looks like you update a ton. Love that, too. Keep up the great work, and can't wait to read more :D

And man, they both need self-confidence classes. Gotta love men with emotional scars though... -dreamy sigh- :P