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Once upon a time, a small demented youth decided to sign up for a website and start a comic...

the rest my friends, is a nightmare.
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Most knew it was coming
Well yeah, I'm sure most people who've known me/read/seen any of my works/projects before have known that I'm not very good at keeping schedules, ST has been the most prominent sign of this. Suffering delay after delay after hiatus after hiatus, ST has been around for almost a good 3-4 years and made it nowhere, so it's about time we all closed up shop. I figured I owed it to fans of ST to give them a good farewell with it all, kinda unfeeling of me to drop off without a goodbye right? Especially after some of you have stuck around for so long, hell I still get e-mails about it from time to time.

This isn't the end of my works though, I just realized that despite my love of ST I couldn't bring myself to work on it, maybe someday I'll bring it back, maybe not, until then ST IS BEING PUT IN EXTENDED/PERMENANT HIATUS

As for my other project:

Sigismund - Heavily under production and still has an uncertain future as to what form it will take, over time I've considered comic, novel, radio drama, comic again, etc.etc. so it's still being thought of, it'll just take a LONG time before it sees the light of day in a fully fleshed out rendition.

AND a NEW PROJECT is being born from all of this oddly enough, though this time I make no promise for schedule or content or anything of the sort:

Keeping to my fondness of naming comics after strange foods, Borewors is going to be a joke-strip based on real life events I've experienced in my time at college, unlike ST it will be ENTIRELY reality based and I'll never try and string it through any sort of story unless it happened as such in real life. Strips will come when moments occur in my life and so the spacing is going to be odd without question.

Borewors will be seen here when I actually get around to updating it so keep your eyes to the skies folks:

Anyway, I thank everyone who's ever been a fan of ST, anyone who's favorited ST, Commented, Submitted Fanart, given me ideas and given me critique when asked.

I'd especially like to thank Kyle and Julian, you two have been helping since day 1 and put up with all my s*** over the years, I appreciate your enthusiasm and your support.

The gang's not gone but ST's on ice folks, look for Kyle, Julian, FEV, and Whip in future works of mine, they aren't gone just laid off XD

Peace Out
my head is throbbing
hey everyone, it's me again.

well, I'm home recovering from mah surgery, and since I've been sitting here, I was thinking "hey, I didn't actually show the readers on smackjeeves what ST's gonna look like from now on!" So here it is, a sample of what the new design shall be

no real major changes, I went with the new hat brim and the original no-nose style, with a new collar turned up, and a rounded chin etc.etc.

so head is pounding so uh...I don't know I'm gonna get off the computer now.

I'll update with more info and maybe more character design stuff when my sinus' aren't so congested D:
wow, it's been waaaaaay to long since I've seen this sneak its way into my updated favorites! :D

anyway, take as long as you want to revitalize Box, I too am also known for long unnanounced hiatus', take as long as you want and I'll be eagerly awaiting your return, as I'm sure many others will be as well :)
A Poll
Testing 2 new design ideas for ST's new comics, sitting here with two ideas in my head, I decided "why am I debating this? I'll never be able to decide on my own!" so I turn to you, faithful readers, which would you like to see?

the first part is the hat, Adam's hat started off with a brim that looked more like a hotdog bun (seen now in Rusted Tofu, and later evolved into a kind of upturned piece of cardboard or something.

This new design makes it more real looking, with the slight curvature of my actual hat, keeping in mind my little Starman symbol would appear in the final version.

The other is the nose (seen on the right) this has always been a point of oddness for me, I've never quite decided on weither or not I should bother having it, some have voted for, some against, either way, I'll leave it up to the fans.

so it's your time to shine fans, I'd greatly appreciate it if you weighed in on this topic.

feel free to comment with ways I can improve, that's the whole point of this hiatus! :D

thanks in advance.
for the record, this page is getting nixed with the update, so if you really like it, save it while you can, you may never see it again XD
Offical Announcement
Alright, I know it's been a long time, and a few of you are probably wondering where I've been, some are concerned, most are angry, totally understandable for how often I've abandoned ST in the past with no explaination and only excuses.

This time, I was hitting depression, every time I looked at a piece of my own work I couldn't bare to claim it as my own, nothing I did was good, I wasn't anywhere near decent as an artist, and so I gave up art for a while, took some anatomy lessons at the studio, thought "maybe I can make my artwork better somehow", and slowly but surely, I've seen my outlook on my own work become a little more positive and a little less filled with hatred and disgust.

What does this mean? It means that ST's not over yet, I don't know how long it'll be before I get working on it fully again, but it won't be to long that much is for sure, I'll get a couple of comics done in advance and build up a queue before I start up the updates again, and once that happens I'll be able to update at a steady pace with less delay.

So yeah, ST's coming back, so don't give up on me just yet.

On another note in regards to another work of mine, my other comic hereby dubbed "Sigismund" until a proper title is arranged, has been stationed at:

This comic is FAAAAAAR from being completed, and I won't be updating with actual comic pages for it until I've gotten a large sum of them finished and perfected. In the meantime, I'll be posting character pages, concept work, and many other pieces of the work process up on the page until I have the comic itself ready, so please be sure to stop over and check it out, the best way for a project to reach fruition is to have many opinions to help design reach it's potential, so opinions will be welcome at all times.

So, thank you for sticking around, thank you for reading, and I hope to see you all again when I bring back Strawberry Tofu!

Thank you all
*Tech has logged out*
god, finally
Well this has been a long time coming, (no not a new ST ya smartarses XD)

I've been waiting to get the gamer's tourny arc up and running for a long LONG time, and now that it's finally started, expect the story to pick up rather quickly, it's gonna be a half-decent read from here on instead of a mediocre one, so stay tuned for next week, when Kyle jumps a shark!*

*not really
Drawing Snake was a real annoyance in this one, trying to do justice to one of the single greatest characters of all time
was really putting strain on me, especially since there was not only a debate as to whether it just plain looked right or not,
but wheither to add facial hair or not, and if he should be Old Snake or not D:

Glad that's over with...

[edit] holy crap we're at comic 30 already, that means that the story progression is already 10 pages long?!

I'm gonna double check that, it can't possibly have been that long already [/edit]
oh no prob, completely understand :D
I think I like updating on fridays, it makes it feel more relaxed than cramming it into the middle of the week

continuity ftw! oh, and for those that don't get the reference made by Kyle, read back through the first few ST issues, I believe it was #3

Oh, and read the news page, I have an announcement up that I'd really like for people to take the time to read and respond to...
yes, yes it is
Alright, It's kind of come to be expected for ST to be delayed over and over again, and here's where it ends to the best of my ability.

I know that in the past I've made promise after promise that ST would be back, that this would be the last delay, etc. etc.
Well, I haven't exactly done a good job of that, and those ST fans who've stuck
by me since the beginning, and those who pick this up in their spare time deserve
better of me.

So here's where I make my final promise, I can't say that I'll never cause a delay again, I can't say that I'll never be a little late, but I can say
that i'll try my best not to be for a long long time.

Thank you all for standing by me, saturday marks our return back to the plot, and I can promise that I'll be finding a way of making it up to
everyone who's always there for ST even when we let you down.

Thank you all for reading :)

Also: Despite Halloween being over a week ago, with Left 4 Dead coming out the 18th, Zombies will never be late to the party XD
October 13th, 2008
So this was at the poodle's core!
Saw your comic on the comic spotlight and I have to say I'm disgusted with myself for having missed it being that I'm a HUGE fan of both Marlowe's and Goethe's Faust stories!

I love your rendition of the story and will be eagerly awaiting each new page, you have just made another new fan ma'am.

She IS a headcrab silly XD


Thanks :D and no present is needed, the love of my fans is all I quiet in here

@That guy:

She is, she'll eat your brains and all your money too! that little gold digger XD
Lucy I'm hoooooooome!
Well I'm back now that I have some new tools to work with, I just got a new tablet for my birthday (which was yesterday for all who care <_<)
and so I decided to pump out a filler for everyone to tide you over until a new one can be made!

This is probably how fillers will go from now on, random scripts I threw away back when I only did one-shots,complete with a seperate format
and a sketchier look to further emphasize them being unfinished.

Here we see FEV back from a date...yeah...I don't know either
Stuff to say:
well, most of this week's info is in the News Post, so be sure to read that if you actually care.

As fur my delay, I'm sorry, it won't happen again (yeah, it probably will XD)
you know, getting a job around where I live is getting to be increasingly difficult, DARN YOU ECONOMY AND YOUR RECESSIONS!!!!!!

Anyway, I always did find some of the tasks Nook sends you on to be a little tedious, deliver stationary all the way acrossed town to a villager who isn't home and won't be for god knows how long?! do it yourself racoon! why can't I just stock shelves like a regular part-time worker?!

oh well, such is life sometimes
No problem BP, XD

I actually based my avi off of the ones I saw Zayl and the others using, sorry if I corrupted the goodness of the idea :(...

remember: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery XD
Marking a moment?
To my knowledge, this is the first time in ST that we've made a reference to another comic...weird...

oh well, I really think I did well with the art on this one, it's probably got the second or third best backgrounds in all of ST (Brawl for All and NDJY being the best ones)

[oh, and to clarify, the last panel is Julian perspective, so the table just disappears to see the angle rather than have it consume half the page]
50 fans!
well, comic 25...a quarter of a way to 100...

AND! we hit 50 fans! WHOOOO! 50!

ahem, now that that's out of my system...

If I ever have to sketch, ink, and shade this much again, someone will pay XD.

Edit: updated the page with removed crap-fuzz around the edges of certain panels, it was late when I got the comic up and didn't notice them then XD
Before I get bombarded with questions...
Those are not, in reality, Kyle and Adam. The two you see there are dubbed "Onishi-Kuri" and "Achturn" (respectively).

They are the in-game appearances of Kyle and Adam, and they're appearance alters to blend in with the game they're playing.

I also realize that this isn't very accurate to Quake, as this is more of a mix of Quake and Half Life 2: Deathmatch (hey, I like them both XD)