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I'm a digital artist with terrible time management skills.
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    Minji Fox
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@LKWayvern: I might? I have a lot of comics planned but don't have a ton of time or motivation to get through them just yet. We will see what the future brings tho for sure!
April 14th, 2017
This "comic" is finished and will be queued up to update 3 days a week til it runs out. I'll answer comments and chat with anyone about it. Thanks a bunch for clicking!
September 5th, 2014
Oh wow look at this crap guys aha
Lazy, no color, whoops.
I will be releasing concept art and other non story related pictures, gifs, and maybe short games into this section of the website. So enjoy that.
It starts with a thought...
Welcome to the serious attempt at a comic.
I interrupt your reading pleasure to bring you a message from the past.
One more page til you meet this guy, gosh.
He is reading Moby Dick.
To you, in the future.
I like the option to post in the future so hi there, from the past.
The Fall
Since this is going to be a lot of scribbly, the style is going to change a lot, so enjoy that.
Well this is kinda happening
While I do love to tell stories, don't be fooled. This is a stress relief comic and thus is probably going to be unbearably silly and full of mushy lovey dovey nonsense.
First Cover
If you happen to stumble upon this comic before I add it to the official directory, congrats.
Updates will be coming around March or sooner, hopefully.
September 2nd, 2012
It's probably because I absolutely adored the story and history of it all.
September 2nd, 2012
Oh I see crucible/salem witch trial references <3
Does Atty have a blister in the last panel or is that a glitch in the art?
He makes him look so damn tiny lol
They are adorable together, truly they are. And I understand about smaller panels with pencil are hard but the smaller lead might cause some -extreme- frustration if you aren't used to delicately soft strokes. They tend to break really easy ;(
I Totally Fucking Fangasmed When I Noticed the Homestuck Shit in the Backgrounds lol