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Well im a small time 3D designer trying to make it big i love manga/anime i like sonic i consider myself to be friendly looking to make friends nd willing to read anything interesting oh and im a pokemon fan
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    Nagato Christopher
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F**** U GUSS WHY!!! ok im hoping for guss to end up like another craig
Ok weird thing is that i hate her but at the same time i don't want her to get voted of because she is just funny in a cruel way s for sue??? WTF???
Well brawn's seem to have no brains and slash aint that smart talking to a ferry hater
NOO! not Mishoshi she may have a higher meaning in life in this game i hope..
uhuh so people with powers can be on SFC i hope no one tries to get on Drake's bad side
wow i completly forgot about max if he keeps this up he may make it to the top
Loris i hardly knew ye
I hope Mihoshi has a part to play in this season she looks interesting
the brawns have one this challenge but lets wait for a mental challenge when their are quiz's involved
Seems like we've got a bossy kill-joy and a tell tell crook lol
Hooray i wonder if this romance will be as popular as hogan and tayler?
True Bitsy seems mature enough to get far
ok it appears Mary ain't generally rude but she is just a racist against non humans but for some reason i want her to stay for long since she's funny
vinnie reminds me so much of hogan its creepy
Not a good start
Mary...its gonna be a troublesome days ahead
Brawns!! FTW!!
well im basing my choice on my favorite colour purple and as it has it brawns are on a purple mat so lets go La Bira tribe
Just like what QJD did with the entire season 1 and commented on all the comics i have made an account and gonna do the same with season 2 lol because so far it looks promising