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A long married guy, USAF vet, parent, grandparent, living in Colorado, and sharing his life experiences.
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Week off, unintended.
Sunday, June 30, I was unlucky to download what can only be described as the virus from hell. I worked all week to get my system back to operating correctly. But it seemed the harder I worked, the worse it got. Because of the July 4th holiday many of the items I had delivered were delivered late. The best I could do was get my system back to where it should be I needed a couple more things.
I won't be able to install them till Friday so I'll be limping along all week, doing my best. Hope to back to 100% by Monday. Thanks for your understanding.
Abe:vampire hunter
Book or graphic novel, either way didn't read it. Don't know how it did box-office wise. At least a large number of young people learned that there was an Abe Lincoln. And even if they thought all he did was dispatch vampires, and I guess that's okay.