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I'm Danish. My biggest dream is to become a writer.

Sin City and Frank Miller
Sandman and Neil Gaiman
The Titans
Death Note
Fullmetal Alchemist
Alan Moore
Bioware games
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Two pages in one day? What space magic is this!?

Shepard's getting dressed while talking to EDI, lol. Yeah, EDI pretty much has everything under surveillance anyway, I don't see why Shepard should feel ashamed of dressing in front of a floating vagina... errr. I mean. Orb. Yeah, orb.
Late as usual. Yay! And with no gray tones. Because I'm that lazy. Sorry :(
I had to look up reference photos for this page. ALL THE HANDS ASDFGHJKL.
I hate drawing hands, can you tell?

Also. I've missed my short haired Shepard so very much <3 I love this hairstyle.
I figure being brought back to life has to have some effects on Shepard. I mean, aside from the obvious mental problems is brings, the body has been though a great deal as well. Cell death, vacuum, radiation... Yeah, I think the miracle cure to death has some side effects.
Sorry about the lateness!
Exams are happening. Ugh.
@Righteous ham
Thank you! I'm really glad you think so! I'm new at the whole making comics thing, so I'm really pleased that you think it's near professional grade.

As for the story... Well, I'm originally a writer (I've written several books - in my own laguage, though), the story's the most important thing to me. I hope I can deliver ;)
Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, it's these kind of comments that keep me going, knowing that people like my work.
Science fiction architecture! Ugh! D:

I don't even know if digital clocks like that is used in the ME universe :P I think Shepard has some sort of futuresque holoclock or something. Well, no matter. You get the idea, she's up way too early.

Also, she's a Vanguard! I love being a Vanguard, the Biotic Charge is the best ever :'D Cerberus has made her an even more powerful Biotic than she used to be but her Biotics are unstable because of the whole being resurrected from the dead thing. And because she can't control her powers. More on that later.
Never had this problem, actually. I did have lots and lots of stair case bugs/teleporting bugs in ME3, but no bugs in DA2. Not that I know of anyway! I'm going to keep a close eye on Aveline next time i play DA2.
I can see why this is a problem for the more.. squishy kind of Hawke, though!
I figure Shepard has got to have some issues. She did die, after all. Suffering from nightmares about her death and having trouble sleeping, she's not really at her best physically or mentally. Her body (and mind) failing her, she has yet to defeat the Reapers. It's going to be a tough fight.

I struggled with the first panel -.- drew and re-drew countless times. I'm somewhat satisfied. Still having trouble with panelling and planning out the comic/shading the comic. It's a good learning process though!
@April Bouvier:

There will ;) Don't worry.
Also, this is Shepard. She's bad ass. There'll be no Mary Sue or OOC here.
I'm in Space!
Confused yet? Don't worry I am too.

Experimenting with the art style. I think I'll settle for something simple like this.

Also, I hate you, Normandy. You're a pain to draw.

Edit: If you don't like Femshep with long hair, don't worry! She won't be Barbie in space for much longer, I promise. There's a reason for the madness, I assure you!
Time sure does fly, doesn't it?
What has it been - 7 months? Gosh, I'm bad at updating.
Anyway.. I'm trying to pick up where I left off. Uni's been a pain in the butt lately and I've got tons of commissions too. I'll try to update more frequently, though!
Aaand here we go. Ouch, Shepard's been having a rough time with that Human-Reaper larva. Playing on Insanity'll do that to you.

And btw:
I'm experimenting with the style/font/toning, and I apologize if things look like crap. I'm not an experienced comic artist. I'm trying to draw the comic somewhat close to the artistic style in game. Which is kinda hard for me seeing as I'm primarily a manga/anime artist. It'll be interesting to see if I can keep this up xD

Oh, and thanks for faving btw! :'D
This is so true. Speaking as a Smuggler Captain myself, I know the problem all too well. I hated Corso as a companion, but liked him as a character. I was happy when I finally got the Wookie. I thought, hey, a proper tank! Just what a squishy Gunslinger lady needs!
... except he wasn't.
He keeps bashing enemies into new mobs an ruins every tactic you had planned.
Stupid Wookie. Stupid Corso -.-

I still love playing as a Smuggler, though <3
Teaser! Because the world needs more Shakarian.

Will begin uploading the comic soon!
-Love- the page! Please keep going! :'D The story is very interesting. And the art is awesome!
I -love- your comic!
Keep up the awesome work!
@zenat: So did I. And I'm playing a goody-two-shoes (but somewhat money loving) smuggler. She has Darmas, dammit :( Stop tempting me to join the dark side!
... which server are you guys playing on, btw?
The Grand Muffin <3 You gotta love that guy. Pops up with his posh english accent and makes us smugglers seem dirty and uncivilized every time. And he's the one killing people. The bastard.
So true. I couldn't help staring at Danarius either o__o