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February 18th, 2015
I love this comic, it's the best example of animated comics I seen so far. But I think you have a typo in the second panel. Shouldn't "space" go after "the"?
February 15th, 2013
I love this comic, but where did the bottom of his crutches go in the second panel?
that film was awesome! great work.
I just read through the archives, and I really like it so far, I hope you continues making it. :)
that was a good ending to the fight scene, you didn't have to show all the gore but still got the point across that the guy lost and died.
@DarklyWhite: here are two sites I found

and I think the second one is better. :)
clang is a common sound effect, clank might work, so would... hmm this is hard, there might be a site that has a list of comic sound effects that would be helpful.
It seams like you did well in conveying Aiza taking back her powers. and if you wanted it to be mysterious I say you did well from what the comments on the last page say. though it would be nice to see Kinnie is actually alright or if there were any affects from Aiza taking her powers back. Because it looked like Kinnie was going a little crazy from the gaining the dark shadow power. so a fallow up would be nice, even if its just a small line by one of the characters.
awesome! this is one of my favorite comics, and I read a lot of comics. every character is so interesting. :)
this comic is awesome, and also the bug catcher looks like luffy from one piece when you see the back of him.
hey I read your comic on drunk duck and was sad when the whole sever crash and I couldn't find it. So I'm glad it's on here!
I love how you guys have been changing the style of the comic for each person. but I don't get what vamp is saying in the 5th panel.
December 22nd, 2010
I love this comic but I have such a hard time reading her handwriting...
the last two panels are great.
wait they knew each other before? was that ever mention before?

anyway great comic, I love the wolves and their gossip. and the art is great as well. :D
this really reminds me of old Spy vs. spy comics. :D very clever work though.
I'm interested to see where this story is going. :D