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>go make the seeds for the human brain doctor.
>go to the psychiatrist
>go to the psychiatrist
>gata: start a shipping chart in the name science and bonus XP......and to try and figure out how a bunny and a tree are dating.
Entei: give your thoughts on the other gods.
Entei is either a crimnal mastermind for Evolving Team SMG strongest fighter into something he's strong against....or the derpest legendary pokemon in this world for helping his foes instead of fighting them. YOU DECIDE!
if he had hands, Entei would totally use a Dueling glove and slap one of them. cause thats the Gentlemans way of starting duels.
go meet a friend around your age for wacky adventures
yahhhh! Dectective Entei is on the case!
Accel has earned new title: Harbringer of the zombie apocalypse! : D
and then Accel caused a zombie apocalypse. :3
silly Accel, you need get your face away from Waltz's foot.
>Make a fancy hat for Lopmon as a sigh of friendship.
engage in a battle of wits with Koromon
>koromon: mistake Beatrice's head for cake.
.........and this is the reason why Accel isn't allowed in nice restaurants.
J-pop for the next genre