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seven kings or unbroken contract
I have waited and loved as well.
:O color this sounds super fun. I am interested.
love him Emma love him?
Oh My I do say :P
More <3 dont leave us hanging >.>
oh goodness those boobs, tail, horns, wings, ears, and outfit... definitely a succubus.
i wuv you! you and your updates make me happy~!
next page next page next page... please :3
I wonder if anyone can guess the game.
um ya easy page. just a stylized game screen shot i took with text... >.>
Well this is cause I haven't drawn a new page and I thought of this so enjoy?

Happy Week Early Valentine's Day?
Here is the cover of Chapter 1.
Here is the cover of Chapter 1, Which is our flash back.
Page 2.
Well here is page too, and now we start a flashback.
hehe I am glad you like.
I am making the new page. don't worry. I may draw Mirra with kitty ears and tail from time to time.
I hope I don't disappoint.
She is very close to how I look actually.