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Chapter 5? You might wanna change that, but nice page as usual.
The trio's reunion.
I love your art style, I'm really enjoying this comic
ketxdamaru is now a thing
I have the exact same birthmark.
Why are you putting quotation marks on certain words?
If you want to exaggerate words then make them bolder or/and bigger that the rest.
Amazing work as always, Cman!

Ah, there's Risky, I remember making that a hella long time ago :D, I still love the style.
Daily updates.
I like this.
>Complain about the drink.
This comic is amazing! :D
Nice comic, could you tell me where you got these Ragnorok sprites from?
September 4th, 2012
@Neociz: Ah, makes sense.
Looks more like a louie V to me.
Wow, your spriting skills are amazing!