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Name: Olivia K. Kasimoff
Likes: Boys, Girls, Anime, Video Games, Friends, and everything in between.
Hobbies: Drawing, Pokemon Hatching, etc.
Occupation: Student
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Its probably like something that no one wants...
September 23rd, 2011
No Chris!! Please not chris, I feel in love with him!! Chris!! QAQ
lol xD
I love those twins~
That Line!!
I love ghost types~ Duskull especially~
Its funny because I always go to the hares and items shop thinking "They must have no service." xD
I love your Leader and your member!!! Cyndaquil, Quilava and Typholsion are my favorite~
September 5th, 2011
Excited Manhood~
xD I saw I love that everyone mistakes Rabbit as a girl. I know I'm not in on thisthread thing on Gaia but I can't wait to read more. Its so interesting!! Whoever reads this, tell everyone to keep it up!!
Labor day
lol no me!! xD But I'm guess alot I don't know...
I'm not a guy but I would hug him and sleep soundly~~ >:3 But I have my digimon to sleep next too~~ *just started planning everything.*
@raimon: Your welcome!! I hope to get it up soon even though I'm not good at them and have a tablet anymore!!
D8 No Tails?
Man I love your comics!! I have been playing my Digimon games again and now I feel like making my own comic!! I thank you and You keep up with this!!
@fairmare: This helps so much!! Thank you and I think you should tell everyone on the List now!! I can't wait to do my comic after No. 10!!
o////////o James is so cute!! Happy birthday and I hope you have many!!
August 21st, 2011
Uriah is my brother's name!!! xD I love this comic so much!!
@fairmare: I think it is me. But Inxerene is right. I'm sorry. I didn't not know it was my turn. Whoever is next, after me, can go...
Does that mean RIGHT after this it is my turn? *curious*
A GASTLY!!! AAAAH!!! *loves them and so does my trainer* I can't wait to see him~~
A Battle
[Trying to see if this will work... ]

In this comic:

Alice is asking Bera to help with her pokeball but Jesse, my trainer, sees an opportunity to make a friend or two and helps her out. She clicks that like button on the pokeball and a cute little Pichu comes out of it!! Jesse seeing her opportunity to battle she asks to Battle. And Alice accepts so let the battle begin!! ( >x3 )

Alice(c) xx3OH3xx
Bera(c) Bre Ishurna the Wolf
Jesse, Art(c) Me


I'm taking that as a compliment!! I like Alice she is so cute!!

@Bre Ishurna the Wolf
Thank you!!~
cool thank you!! i can't wait to start updating... (Tried a few minutes ago but it wouldn't let me... )
Name: Jesse
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Pokemon: Cyndaquil
Likes: Cake, Morty, pokemon, Contests, and Ghosts.
Dislikes: Almost Nothing.
Hometown/Region: Ecruteak City, Johto
Bio.: She isn't really the newest to training but she has just started at 15 years old. She is just traveling and the get life experience...

Party Pokemon
Name: Fynn
Species: Cyndaquil
Level: 5
-Loves Food.
Item: Charcoal

Art(c) Me
I dont know how I didn't see this!! xD I love this and I cant wait to see more!!