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Bloody Geek
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How can you call this page boring!? D:
Oh my goodness, this page it just gorgeous!

And maybe I'll join your fanart contest if I'm not too intimidated by other well drawing artists, lol!
This page is gorgeous for multiple reasons. <3
Amazing work as always.
I... I'm sorry. I'd have more praise, but I'm too busy staring at this beautiful page. @ w @

Yay <3 lol. I was just wondering because you said he had a skeletal foot instead of nothing being there on his character reference sheet, and I thought there was another myth were he didn't get anything/a skeletal foot instead of the mirror as his replacement. xD
I have a rather silly question. : D Tez's 'missing' foot. Which legend are you basing that off of? Are you going with the using it to bait the earth monster, or are you using another legend that I am unaware of? :0
Congratulations on the 1000 fans! You deserve every one of them plus more!
Goodness! I want them all! They are all so adorable! >w<
Maybe if I watch him grope him long enough, he'll actually get hard and then they'll have hot, sweaty, angry sex on the floor. :0
First Fan <3
>w< I can't wait till pages start to get uploaded I'm so excited! <3
Bloody Geek
April 22nd, 2012
I'll have to go with the second one. :D
Though I adore both styles, the second one has some of my favorite qualities I look for in art. <3 But whatever is easier for you and on you works for me. <3
Even time this updates I get so happy I feel as though I'm going to pop my Jugular vein.
Your Jiggling Man Junk Banner Brought Me Here
You have no idea how loud I giggled when I saw this. I wasn't expecting it, but now, I think I know to expect the unexpected from this comic XD
Cant wait for another update.
Comment Virginity
Mmmmm <3
What a lovely thing to wake up to. <3333
0 w 0
They should ditch class, because Alex said so, and go guy hunting. You know, that is when Alex shows them how to use their gaydar. Because all gays have that.... it's natural instinct...