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I travel. Like, through time. And realitive dimentions. In space.
Right. I am the Doctor, even though it says I'm female. Well I am. In short the was an incedent in the TARDIS; buttons pressed, levers pulled, so I am now biologically a female.
We have yet to figure out how to reverse this.
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Called it. Aw yes.
DT wants to go level up for Atty, yes yes? evolve to impress him because he was all nice for once. :D
Atticus it totally drawing his Pokes. Maybe even like Pokedex or something.
That or planning something.
We had to watch our dogs to make sure and eagle wouldn't take them when they were puppies. We've had an eagle try after one of the cats we had a long time ago, so we knew it could happen. :D
Oh god
This literally made me cry from how touching and sad it was. I seriously applaud you.
I have a lesbian friend who's like that. It drives me mad when she goes on about how she's never had sex because penis was not involved, even though I have heard of her sexual exploits with her girlfriend. asdfghjkl.
Secretly, Moth likes petting Salami's tummy. There is no reason for him to have done it in the first place otherwise.
:'D That was excellent. Made me happy inside.
He's just going back for his bag. His wallet or something is in there.
I don't think it's so much smoking that's hindering him. People who smoke can run perfectly well. I think it's more the fact that he's lazy as Hell. Or has it been forgotten that he's only doing this so his mom will let him back in the house so he can watch his show?
September 7th, 2011
@deitlinde: It mentions that there was a chemical attack on the school, so I'm pretty sure that's what killed them. I'm guessing the auditorium was all the people who had died. The guy was 'late' because he was one of the last to pass. I'm not sure about the gun thing, but I think it might have been a representation of the will to live. He might have been pushing people out of the way or something. I don't think the shooting happened, because it doesn't make sense that no one noticed him loading the gun in the library. I think that would be hard to miss.
But this is just my theory, so I'm not totally sure...
Labels are ridiculous. Heck, even in a lot of het relationships the girl is the "man", so there's really no point to them at all.
I've had an experience like this, the first time I went out with a girl she announced that she was the man, and then proceeded to act like she owned me. Bluh.
Is it Chibitan? Humping his leg?
August 25th, 2011
Seeing Zebra look so angry makes me sad and kind of want to cry. ):
July 21st, 2011
Rasputin's face is ri-fricking-diculously adorable in the last panel. Seriously.
And Luke is clearly mental.
I bet he's going to give him the money that Atticus has won.
And thus starts Atticus' dream~
And that is the reason why I caught a Lillipup instead.
It seems that he'd most likely be a Khaki Campbell. The drakes of this breed are brown in colour and only weigh around four pounds which would be and easy weight to have on your head.