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I can't remember the last time I commented on SJ for something. But I have to... Because I am so sad
Why did I never even think about their father. For some reason, in my head, they just sort of spawned from the witch...
...People were complaining about plot? I've loved this chapter! BAMF old men, man...
Aw, I want her to find someone really nice that will love her back.
Now see, that's nice. Maybe he'll make a real effort now, instead of stalking her, you know.
Actually, I think this is a nice gesture...
D: . Aw!!! But maybe you'll have time for special?
That mechanical nightingale somehow really creeps me out...
God of sexy people... That is AWESOME.
Haha, bet he wants to toy.
At least she's cool with her daughter fan-girlin' on some gay guys.
Actually yeah, roses sound really painful...As if diamonds weren't enough XD
OMG, I love the king. he's my new true love. Definably.
Oo, he looks really good in his prince outfit! Hot!
I am exactly like the frog in the second panel!
I agree with Machati, the three brothers definably need to be in it.
I do these sometimes to amuse my friends, but I've never had the dedication you do! I really hope you make it to 1000!
Ohhhhh my, I want to shead tears! This is so cool!
YAY. I was just wishing you'd update the other day!