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I like animu and mangos. If ever draw, it would be very badly. But I totally want to make a 4koma styled webcomic in the distant future. *sigh*
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yay! Update! ;w;
Nnn! I can't wait to see the next update, this just made me even more curious.
Ohohoho~ I can't wait to see what happens next >3

And holy cow, someone who is 10 reads this? @A@;; I'm 22, soon to be 23... and yeah. wow.
<33 I love Lyle's expressions all over this page.

And I kind of ship Theron/Lyle. But I'm still holding out for Kaden/Lyle. Even if it ends up being a pipe dream~ xD
lolol Aiden being nice. Perhaps he feels a little guilty at spiking their drinks? Naaah!

Anyways, agree with another commenter... is that some tsun-tsun there? ;w;~<3
;w; Nnnnn!! AZH~ you're killing me ;w; I can't wait for the next chapter(s?) and heck yes I am so ready to buy a book!
I agree with the facebook page. I'd definitely go to it!

Either way, lovely picture! I commented/faved on the deviantart too. x3
XDD I didn't necessarily forget it's BL... just curious on who gets with who? (or are we in for a threesome? XDDD)

Either way, the expressions in this page are loooove!! <333
I agree so, so much. The convention I got to every year has this major problem with it. It killed the game meme for me so much. >_<;;
EEE~ *fangirls all over post*

;w; I can't wait to see more already!! I wonder what Theron will ask of Lyle...
Is it bad that I am so curious as to what the BL pairing will be? Something makes me feel like it's going to be Aiden/Ash... but I wouldn't be surprised if it's Ash/David :3 Either way, I love this comic and I like how Aiden is thinking about how maybe these guys aren't so lame after all :D
you're serious?

First off, I wouldn't want to see rape in this comic. If I wanted to see a rape story, I'd want no visuals with it because that would be too disturbing to me.

Second of all, are you sure the people asking for rape are actually serious about it? I WANT TO MAKE THIS CLEAR, I DO NOT THINK RAPE IS A JOKE, IF YOU RESPOND TO MY COMMENT ALL BUTTHURT, I WILL LAUGH AT YOUR IGNORANCE. anyways- some people use the term jokingly on the internet. I see people claimingly they'll "rape" one of their friends or want to be "raped" by so-so/some character.

I don't think they actually mean rape most of the time. They are just being silly. And in some cases, they are being impatient. Most people who read yaoi stories are use to the characters boinking within like, what? 20 pages? So some people responding with "rape" are just probably meaning they want them to have sex already! xD

And lastly, if they were being serious about rape. I'm sorry. That's horrible. I wouldn't want to see Dake or Tommy being raped by the other. I want them to fall in love and then have hot sexs. And if the people were joking about the whole rape thing, then I think you kind of took it too seriously. Not saying you should joke about rape, but it's been used jokingly on the internet for ages... so yeah. >>;;

STILL. No idea Dake was one step away from hell. ;w; poor bb.
Omg I squeed when I saw Lyle's new look!! It looks good on him! And Kaden looks like he may be questioning his feeling for Kyla, imo! I'm still holding out for Kaden/Lyle... just cause I'm a romantic and "love conquers all" and all that jazz~

Can't wait for extra page!
Man, I feel bad for Kyla, but I can't help but love how she is reacting to Kaden's interest in where Lyle is at. ;w;

Sorry Kyle, but I believe Kaden has fallen for or is falling for Lyle, not you bb.
No, I like Kaden too. I was so hoping for a confession a couple pages back or Kaden admitting he doesn't have feelings for Kyla anymore. OTL
watch out Theron, Lyle needs a fake lover right now and you are in the general area. X3

Thank you so much Azhrien for so many pages! <333 you made my day off from work even better!
Ah, Lyle~ Well, at least maybe Kaden will wake up and smell the coffee soon.

Love, love, looove the eye panel of Kaden's eye. So much emotion in such a little panel ;w;
;w; Go Lyle go!
You can do it bb!
Is there a confession coming up soon? =O
If so, chapter 5 will probably be a depressing "rift" chapter where they are ignoring each other. <3
Kaden, be glad I'm a believer in the power of love. But, man... speaking of marriage. >>;; Don't tell me Kaden is actually considering screwing around with Lyle until he and Kyla get married =|

Say no Lyle. All you need to do is grow some balls and say no. Find some other guy that will actually love you, damn. Just not Ross or Theron, those two belong together, imo. xD

Either way, 6 page update!!? *dances* woohoo! Hopefully things get better for Lyle within 5 pages. xD
Time to ask for more goodbye sex :awesome:
lolol though I'm hoping Kaden is about to give Lyle some hope... maybe say he and Kyla aren't together or maybe even he doesn't have feelings for her anymore ;w;


Either way, nice to see Kyla jealous there... perhaps she eavesdrops on their talk and mayhap there be a kiss or two in that talk... ufufufufuu~