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Aw, everyone looks so cute :)
What does Justin do for a living? He reminds me of a pizza delivery man.
October 14th, 2015
It's nice to see this ol' gem again. Thanks for all your hard work!
Sad puppy that feels neglected, returns to it's home to lick his wounds.
What a happy looking sap. Nothing brings the sentiment out in a person like animals :)
Breaking news, crushes aren't allowed to talk to other people. More at 11.

Downbeat looks stoned 24/7, I can see the charm that makes people fall for him.
What do you mean hugs aren't 3rd base??
Real Talk:

Kinda don't care about the brothers. They're both kinda gross, competing for someone's feelings behind their back. Seems kinda manipulative and a poor foundation for a legitimate relationship. Pretty sure there's some weird competitive dynamic between the brothers an Naoto has found himself stuck in the middle.

But that ain't none of my business.
If he turns into a pile of salt he cant moon over boys anymore, that would be problematic :O

Didn't notice the KK Slider shirt before!
I read some info about gannet birds are related to boobies... does that mean this Gannet is related to them too? Might be where his mysterious heritage is from lol.
The delay is A-Okay, no problem with it here. The changes look nice :)

The ponytail looks really cute!! And that boy has so much salt, he needs to watch his sodium intake. Make an appointment to see a doctor, get his heart checked out.
February 7th, 2015
Nice "butts" magnets, that's some really tasteful decor :)
If it's modeling clay then that's pretty cool, it must have taken a while to make.

And now it's ruined :)
What exactly is that thing made of? I thought it was a cake at first but i've never seen a cake such an interesting orange colour.
It's okay to feel anxious, totally normal. I'm pretty sure you don't suck either, it's dedicated work - doing a webcomic.

Thanks for the update!
Don't worry about updates too much! Sometimes things don't work out, and having a webcomic is a real "labour of love". A little wait and a lag in schedule won't hurt anyone :)
Adorable <3

End of chapter 4! what a great ride it's been, this has comic come pretty far.
The world would probably be destroyed by some sort of godly deity haha.

On another note, everyone looks adorably chummy now :)
Everything escalated really fast, idk what to say haha. Working in corporate business is real rough, especially with all those human sacrifices.
Danny looks like those goldfish that have those eyes that bulge out on the sides of their heads, what a cutie.
This comic is amazing, thank you for all the hard work, time, and effort you put into it :)

On another note, i'm pleasantly surprised at Alan's resourcefulness. What a lovely lad.