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Yo, names Karoi. ^^

It's a pleasure to meet you!

If your reading this, your most likely a yaoi fan attracted to my profile from Archy's and I's comic.

I'm not gay, so to bad. =.=

ANYWAY, I have a growing ego, but when I say I'm God I'm just saying it cuz it's such a dramatic line. :v

Likes: Heroes, Antiheroes, anime, video games, editing, furries, math.

Dislikes: Archy, Araime, yaoi, Loveless, drugs, being grounded, Blue screen of Death, rape, hackers, shooters, crossdressing, suicides, being a slave to Archy.

So..yup. Oh, and don't get me wrong, I'm not against gays. :v
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January 13th, 2011
Gimp is wewtness
I used gimp for the buildings and fire. It was kewl. Everything eles is Paint.NET like usual. This came out pretty well in my opinion.
January 3rd, 2011
I can stop colouring these whenever I want to, y'know?
January 2nd, 2011
The power of Justice!
I'm all for hero stuff, but...

a pink band called the JUSTICE HEADBAND?

...Fudge that. I'm sticking to the Unlosing Ranger.

Anyway, with my improved skills (and more effects on Paint.NET) I have become...THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR OF INJUSTICE!

...I mean justice. Yeah...Justice.

it's not that obvious.

If you want me to look like a slave, get me to call you master.

However...coupls do do the master and slave thing... ._.
December 24th, 2010
K, so...I've gotton better at making shadows.

Apparently it's meant to be used for glow effects, but I made it black so it's a shadow. Wewt.

*Sigh* Cameo list...kill me.


Soul Eater: Soul, Maka, Death the Kid, Liz & Patty (weapon forms), Black Star, Tsubaki, and Crona.

TWEWY: Neku & Joshua.

DNAngel: Daisuke (crappily done)

Ben 10: Ben 10

Bleach: Ichigo

The World Only God Knows: Keima & Elsee

Other comics: Araime

*sigh* I did it...the cameo list.

Merry Christmas, Archy-chan. =.= You owe me.
WOW Archy! Your REALLY kicking ass. (not)
Upon yelling out Hollow randomly, Archy jumps into battle.

Since I couldn't tape it, here's the battle.


Archy used Ultima! But it missed!

WHATCHAMACALLIT uses lazor! It did critical damadge!

Archy uses stab! It wasn't very effective!


and then this comic is what follows.

SHIRT: Megaman wewt sprite as I call it

CAMEOS: Ben Tennyson from Ben10, we do not own him, k? :v
After coming back from the McDonalds playground, the trio are ambushed by a fearsome alien. (that kinda looks like Araime) Ben spilt coke on his Omnitrix before at McDonalds, so for the time being he is unable to transform.

But before Karoi can transform into the Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger (who NEVER gives up), Archy thinks SHE can save the day. Heh. This is gonna be fun to watch.

Karoi is sent into confusions, and wonders what she meant by "hollow". Maybe she could tell the alien is hollow? Maybe the blade she pulled out of nowhere is hollow? (is that even possible?) Maybe she's saying his head his hollow? Should he punch her? ...Later.

And so the fight begins.

CAMEOS: Ben 10

the alien is not a cameo, though. :v Since, I like, made the dude.

Although, he may look similar to something somewhere, but I can assure you this is an original. =u
He can't be a character, that's copywrite, and we'll get sued!!


Well, you will. I'll leave the comic the day before it happens. :D
I...I don't know
Ask Archy what's going on. I...I have no clue, man.

Anyway, I came up with a new idea. :D (cuz, I'm the idea maker...well, the GOOD one)

See my white T-shirt? Notice how in the first comic I wore it, it was of Okami. Well, my idea is that the shirt changes it's logo to that of something eles every panel! :D

So, here ya go~

T-Shirt's logos: DISGAEA, Nothing (since my arms were over it! :D), and Pacman.

CAMEOS: Ben Tennyson

Maybe I should take Ben off the list. Won't be long till Archy makes him an official character.

HOLY CRAP NO, ARCHY!! DON'T! (we'll get sued!!)
...Your implying we live together. >_>

And...umm...that makes us look like a couple. =.=

You are high
Believe me. I would not be surprised if you were high.

Speaking of which, what're you using? I need some, can't put up with you two anymore.
Well, since you and me stay inside pretty much all the time, we do look rather pale.

Of corse, we don't look that pale. Something wrong with your screen?
Yup, it's Ben
A powerful alien has escaped from Ben's pararell Earth to our own. Ben chases him down, but was unable to bring Gwen & Ken along with him, so he stops be to recruit a few new HEROES! :D

Archy, of corse, fully welcomes being Ben's assistant. While Karoi, of corse, acts as if he doesn't want to. (even though deep down he really wants to join)

Karoi, then, of corse, pulls out a knife and chops off Ben's arm, removing the Omnitrix and putting it on himself. However, before he can be a hero, it is too late and the alien who had travelled there had already launched his plan, alas, meaning it was too late for Karoi to learn how to properlly use the onmitrix and stop him.

Such a pity.

It's fun to colour in Ben, however, Archy didn't put everything into his costume, so I had to do it. Augh. >_> On the bright side, the world is destroyed! :D
I know you like it.
There we go~
This had to be one of the most complicated yet, with me in a Spartan Warrior outfit, Archy riding a Chocobo, A CHOCOBO, a tiny unicorn on a motorcycle, onwards to see the Wizard of Oz, and finally, Archy screaming at people who "forget" to become fans. We know we get over 100 views, freggin' start becoming fans, it's annoying. ;~;

Since the Science test was over a long time ago, and we can't celebrate our low amount of fans, I figured putting in "we got lives! (lolno)" was very fitting.

IMO, the comic came out perfectly. Or, near perfect.

In exchange for all the colouring I've done Archy, less comics of me in dresses, mkay? :3
December 11th, 2010
I don't give a damn, he looks like Zack this way.
FAAAAAAKE!!! I mean, another pic!
Karoi received a Japanese female school suit in the mail, instead of the swim suit he really wanted. But, he has it, so he may aswell try it on, right?

Archy then breaks into Karoi's house (again) to find him in the suit. Mentally scard for life, Archy walks back home, trying to forget the entire thing.

Karoi, however, puts on the sunscreen, and later goes swimming. And then is eaten by sharks.

Archy, still struggling to forget it, goes insane, and kills everyone in her house with a knife. Araime proving to be the most difficult to kill. (she was ready for this day) Afterwards, Archy slits her own throat, and burns in the depths of hell, as an Fallen Angel.

The end! :3
December 10th, 2010
Ny- I mean...Yeah...
Making maid uniforms is a pain in the ass. I was too afraid to look up exact colours of a maid uniform. Might find porn. :/

Archy gets pissed at Karoi. Karoi, wanting to patch things up in their relationship (as friend!) is willing to do ANYTHING to bring them back together.

Archy takes advantage of this, but gives him a choice. Wear her sister's Neko-maid uniform, or kiss a dude. Easily chosen.

And yes, me and Archy suspect Araime of not being into dudes at all. Shhhh! Don't tell her...she'll kill me!!

ANYWAY, I'mma go play Archangelman, so, bai~

Heheh. It's funny when she dies. :3

oh, right. Cameo list.

CAMEOS: Araime
All I'm doing is colouring pretty much.

Maybe you should ask yourself why they look like that.

You DID draw it.
December 10th, 2010
Seriously, why am I not in this?
Well, before Archy can sit back and moan over hot man on man animated action, her little brother has to ask her something. Of corse, she gets a little pissed off.

CAMEOS: James & Inuemie