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My name is Brad, I like to draw, comics, concepts, characters, you know it. Hope everyone reading enjoys my work.
January 14th, 2010
Freakin' awesome.
Hey guys, if you do watch this comic, you'll have known that I haven't updated it in forever, well, I don't plan on updating it, ever again.
I'm formally canceling AFSITD. Thanks for everyone who has read.

I may be producing another comic soon, with higher quality, and way, WAY, better punch-lines, jokes, and gags.
October 4th, 2009
I like this.
More in this style.
You can do it. I might do the one after that, depending on what happens in your comic.
My Return
Yes, I've made a return with a comic. Hopefully it's a good one, and HOPEFULLY some more people come back to this comic.
O how I've missed it.
Next Page
I'm making the next page as I write this.
Hope people still are around for this comic.
January 20th, 2008
I never really saw or looked at the expo, no real new stuff y'know? It's all the same crap over and over, but the art doesn't suck there bud, just thought I'd let you know.
I like this one, and I like how Bling has something new, first wings, now a hole.
Oops, sorry man, I won't IM you when you're playing WoW. Lesson thus learned.
Haha, this is funny, I don't think I'll do the next comic because I'm lazy and don't have much time.
Damn... I wanted my smoothie, haaha.
No smoothie for me? T.T
It's me, and I'm the professor, yeah right, haha, but anyways, I like this comic, Pokemon games are still a lot of fun, not going to lie about it, I saw the new ones and I just wanted to jump up and down and maybe kick a random kid in the face, but you know, anyways, I loved the comic, keep up the good work dude.
April 29th, 2007
DOn't worry about it, it seems everyone is getting caught up with stuff recently, I've been spending most of my time with my girlfriend or at my job, that's my reason for not updating, I hope to begin updating right again.
That poor n00by church-goer, I feel so bad for him how he hasn't branched out into the great world of shooting games.
I found it pretty ironic.
Really Crappy
Really crappy, yes, good drawings, I think so, no background, not so good, but here it is, a crappy comic, enjoy the drawing for the most part I guess.
EDIT: I thought it would confuse you or something if I drew some sort of warrior, like it would completely change from a funny comic to a serious adventure, but the more I look at it, the less likely you'd think that.
Sorry I haven't posted any comics for a while, and yes, pretty sad excuse for a comic, but ya' know, I got a life to live, I have the other two comics on a timer to be posted, sorry again for the inconvenience, I'll try to get some newer ones drawn but I doubt it'll happen, anyways, I guess enjoy.
Go Pick Cotton
That had me busting out laughing because it was such a terrible joke, it's really racist too, most of his jokes are apparently, o well, haha, great comic, can't wait to read on.
That's ME!
Hey dude, I'm in the comic, how awsome is that? Haha, it's funny, and I agree, anyone who says they are both Pirate and Ninja deserves to be shot in the name of gamers and onliners everywhere. Great comic.