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A budding Science-Fiction Writer who can't draw a line XP...
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It was a great pleasure to read your comic, kitty *^_^*. You and Nunu are unique storytellers, and Meaningful Memento was an outstanding series! =)

My best wishes, kitty! And keep your talent alive!! =^_^=
"At least I think I hit something pink."

Best. Line. Ever! XD
From a fellow "akiba-kei"...
Uh-...Oh...! O.O;;
"Don't you love when someone said you're childish just because you still watch anime, whatever the genre of the anime is supposed to be?"

Honestly, I HATE these moments..., because MY BOSS is the one who KEEPS repeating me that T_T.

But no! I WON'T remove that Fullmetal Alchemist poster from my cubicle!!... It's a matter of 'akiba-key' pride B-).
In my hometown, piracy is an established buying option... Nuff said *military hand salute*.
Eh, kitty... I did't want to say nothing 'cause you have a deadline... But...

...I brought my Nintendo console...

...And I brought my MegaMan 2 cartridge too...

...Wanna play a little? O=D
Amateur ...For Now.
If I become a world-famous photographer able to pay four hundred bucks per smile to his models, remind me to hire you ;-P.

Wha-?!... No, I'm just applauding the kitty =P. I prefer to use "insecticide" and watch the mosquitoes SUFFOCATING, MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!! }-D
Try to take notes in your cell phone, kitty, it could work too =).

But just make sure that the cell phone be a cheap Nokia like mine, just in case XP.
I recognize that I feel very identified with this =)... Well, when something like this happens, I suppose it means that we have grown a lot as storytellers..., no matter how "amateur" we still could feel, he, he XP.
Teetotal foxie approves this drink too ♪.
Uh...Oh! O_o;;

Err... I have..., he, he, he..., some cookies in the oven ^^U... Be right back!! =3

*runs for his life* DX
Ladies and Gentlemen..., the world as we know it has officially ended... Thank you for everything.

*salutes, walks into the sunset, and jumps from a cliff* X_X


At least "bunny-girl" agree with us XP.
I second that XP.
*Lightbulb Lits Up*

This kind of "Fan-Service" could be useful here, I think =P.
Warning! Sexist Comment...
Women will be always the same, being Chun-Li around or not =P.
ADUH-ADUH-ADUH!! Kitty!! Are you right, man?! D= *brings a bag of ice*

And don't listen that "psyco-hare" }-[. Anime & Sentai do "copy-pasta" all the time, and nobody notices... I think 0=P.