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I love manga and anime (an otaku]. I also love movies, but dont go out much [laptop is my best friend] but when i get a car i plan on GOING PLACES. X; I wanna travel when i grow up (be a tourist like my dad -He quit that though&has a good job now ] . &ETC.
-Sophomore in school
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I love your art & everythingg omg >w<
Rly yu were thinking abt it too? :D YAYY;more things to look forward tuu ;w;
Omggg >w<
they kissedd ;so KYUTE !
Poor herr ):
Awww OwO
soo kyutee ;w;
You and your bf are awesome and should stay together forver :D !
i want moarr ! x3
haha so cute !
love the sound !
Oh my god ! it would be so cute if they weren't blood related, but they just thought they were brothers&sisters, and they turned into a couple :D Or they are still a couple even if theyre blood related. haha such cute sister complex ^__^
i agree with profanity00 :D Love thiss <3 Haha *Saiyu is one lucky grl tho x]
haha i was thinking of haru so much, i accidentally wrote his name >u<
i am loving this ! :D haha his face was priceless
haha i liked that pun
Noo i want moar ;w;
haha reminds me of inuyasha
love this btw -faves- :]
i wonder how o.o;
I love thisss :]
Please continue the good work :D
Aw :D this is so cute, hope you continue making more <3
super cute drawing :]
i LOVE this story and your drawing :D Hope you continue to make this cause i want to see how they look in their original self. Keep up the good work + i love your work :]
aww i want more ):
haha tht was the same Question nick asked her to start a convo