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My hobbies include eating grapes & referring to myself as "the face of corporate america."
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Oh, well there goes the cute little ship. :(
@WinterReadsanddiesithink: You'd be surprised, I've subbed for elementary schools and you overhear kids say a lot of stuff, this isn't even bad.
oh no

Only on like the leg or something, don't kill him

I think it's the case of Carmelo actually liking Rudy but not having a way to tell him but also being selfish to the point to where the only way the attention can be on him is if he hurts him, maybe cause he doesn't know how to be nice? I could be very wrong. I'd love to hear other opinions on it.
I hope we see more of Simon and Adam, they're really cool
OTP for the win!
OMG Thank you so much, I was having a heart attack about this update. <3<3
@Guest: Who hurt you
Oh man I don't like where this is going
His hair is still cute omg

Man, I really love your art style.
Rudy: Leap-land

Tobias Hop-plop

He did that with one hand too. He's super strong! I like that!
Damn, he caught a bear?! Impressive.

I hope Rudy's okay. I hope Tobias notices something is up and acts on it. :'(

A fingernail will take half a year to grow back if you lose one.
He's saying they should fit him, so that means that currently, Rudy is slightly bigger than Tobias? I love this ship so much tbh
I shipped other stuff at first and didn't even consider this ship but now I really love it omg
I love this comic so much
Love this comic
I'm actually really happy he stayed, they have been walking away from each other every time and it doesn't turn out right. It's about time to stay and make it right.
My heart is aching. I love this comic so much!
So ready! <3