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December 8th, 2017
Check out the gif version here:
CT has a schedule!
Dunn Dunn Dunn. After giving it some thought, we've decided that both our projects will be updated every 13th and 30th.
That means 2 things:
1. Two pages of CT monthly (worse than 4, but better than none, ey?)
2. New, shiny page of Faily Tales posted today! Check it out
Hey guys! So far, so good - we've found our notes and started working on next strips. New pages MIGHT appear on Sundays from now on.

And thanks for all your comments and support!
Thank you
Poppy, you are the best! Believe it or not, but you've motivated us to at least TRY to keep CT alive.

Commercial time: we also have a project outside SJ -
I think we may have missed some holidays....
Probably one of our favorite pages XD

Also, it is the last page of this batch. That's mean longer breaks between updates as we're struggling with a great evil known as "work" :(
Looks lake someone is going through some sea-rious em-ocean-al problems. XD
Who ordered swimming pool?
@Poppy: We're happy too XD.
It's not his best day
We're not dead yet.
Smug face runs in the family
Who'd have guessed, a new page!
First page of 2015, woohoo!
I hate this page T_T
Croc's having a bad day
Attention group!
Ojej, 8 miesięcy, serio? Zaliczyłam kilka potknięć, ale powoli wracam do normy.
Strona odwalona na szybko, że aż wstyd, ale za długo mi zalegała na dysku i wątrobie. Od następnej bardziej się staram. (ta jasne)
Sorry for the delay. I think it's one of my favourite pages XD
Previous versions of Shanra national anthem are not worth mentioning.