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Have y'all even dared to read the books?

They're very good.
January 27th, 2013
I'm impressed.

If Heli will be a recuring character I'll update that old sheet with some actual movement.

For obvious reasons.
As long as you can draw everything, I'll do all the coding stuffs.

Also you can update anything pertaining to current events, just I'll be doing something relate to more of the core of Heli's thought process, where he ACTUALLY is, not the green one.
I'm actually going to make a string of updates ;_;

And I really want to this time.
With the highlights made the way they are, and the gloves, the horrifying gloves, it looks almost nothing like a Sonic Battle "sprite." (if you can really call PA that)

Study Sonic Battle PA before you try to do anything similar to it. Trust me, it works.

Or develop your own style of shading that isn't an eyesore, which would be REALLY impressive.
I approve this message.
Did you use the standard 8-bit color palette, or did you make your own colors? Just curious.
The jacket arm, as prevously mentioned, is a tad too big, and the shoulder and upper arm could go one pixel further away from the body, considering it looks really smashed together with the upper torso.
You sound exactly like I thought you would.

Fucking 'straya.
Just because Gata made the shades, doesn't mean the contrast between them is any bit good.

No h8.
I was hoping you would.
All I can say is that if you get better at editing, you'll get the hand for it, you'll get better at making customs.

Practice makes perfect, yes?
Where the purple pixels are inside his claws are supposed to be a grey light enought to look white, giving the illusion of a shine.
Jst fr yu bby
The problem isn't that of a level of maturity, everyone knew what you were trying to do, it was just so poorly executed that we believe they look like dildos.

Also this.
Now all I see is dildos.

In around one week in time this comic will be stirpped of pages, and will be started anew, I might still use Tiffany/Hellen, or I might just let ya'll make something up, possibly the later.

See you starside.