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I miss my period
Haven't had one in 6 months. I kinda miss it ='(
That was really cute. I hate that feeling so much, you miss them even when they're there, 'cause you know you're leaving soon >.<
Colour! Sexy sexy colour =3
He's smexy~
I wanna know! I wanna know! And and, he looks so sad/worn out in the last panel ;3;
The lady is really pretty!
Ah! The first panel, the expression on his face is adorable!
Oh my god, he's gorgeous -instant love-
I <3 his hair.
You put yourself down a lot in your Author Comment, you shouldn't! It looks so good, and quite a lot of people 'wing' the storyline.
Fave Character
Okies, My favourite character is Sir Russel the fifth: I just find him so friggin' adorable! His face just makes me wanna fangirl squeal and poke his cheeks *squidge squidge*
I love how he's drawn <3<3

I remember asking you on DA if you would ever publish this, I asked AGES ago, and I said I'd totally buy one~ So even if I'm not picked, I'll still buy it =D
Umm... It keeps telling me you've updated, but I always see this strip when I click 'latest comic'

Have I broke SmackJeeves?
Reminds me of...
The afro person reminds me of Lambo and the girl from Kuragehime...
and now i'm reminded of clocktower >.< god damn john haigh butt whoopin' Alyssa >.<
When I saw this page I was thinking, "omg I love this character, he's smexy!" Then I read his name... I hate that guy >.<
His eyebrows make me do a happy dance in my mind