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I am a typcial artist/writer. Insane, with varied and weird hobbies and interests, from Anime to superhero comics, from action and thriller movies to comedies. I draw a large amount of things, from monsters and creepy things, to anime-esque people and cuddly animals.

I am also a big time slash fanatic, so be warned and be nice, plz.
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Regarding Gens
The world is still a full gen world, but H0ly has said that the main characters are (for the moment) following the Gen 1 games and will only be using Gen 1 Pokes. There will be a few exceptions here and there if H0ly feels like it, but yeah.
She's all like "Dude, you're just embarrassing us both now." Atty is not an action star by any means. But he won't let her get away! Even if he has to lose his bag and hack up a lung later.
Consentual is better. But rape does have a place in fiction-comic or novel form. People in real life get raped, therefore its likely people in fantasy worlds do to, and the trama that results can be used as a way to develope/alter a character and a characters relationships with everyone around them. While I get much enjoyment from watching the relationship of Dake and Tommy grow, and wouldn't want either to rape each other as it's not in character for them (unless maybe it was possessed Tommy) I wouldn't be opposed to someone getting rape-anyone that says they hate a comic with that in it and still reads this is a hypocrite since the kind of stuff that we've seen happen to Tommy counts as sexual abuse.
Just my rambling two cents worth.
Text by hand looks nice.
The whole thing looks nice.