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hey everyone please remember that calling someone a narcissist as an insult is really personally hurtful to everyone with narcissistic personality disorder (like me! lol!) youre not helping actually narcissistic people feel any better about the disorder we're already constantly made to feel guilty for
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February 7th, 2018
what the hell is this cancer?
@oi: That sounds like your problem.
@ShotFiresDeadCrownsOrange: Allow me to help.

Inhale; breathe in deeply through your nose. Try to use your diaphragm as much as you can. Now hold it for 3 seconds. And exhale, and breathe out your anus.
@Oliver D. Fien: Lmaooo

So, where y'all coming from?
@kwane: At the time, yes.
@The Magnificent Z: cos it's high. s'cool.
This week is gonna be a little different. It's double update week!

A minor update to mention: I wanna get to the next arc sooner rather than later, so this week is double. On top of that, I'm doing a 12-page filler arc (calling it an OVA cause I think I'm funny) that will update bi-weekly, every Tuesday and Friday until those 6 weeks are up. Then it's back to weekly Thursday updates with the fifth arc.

This means everything's bumped ahead one week.
Also, I've made a minor update to the Characters page. Pretty much only added Senpai Sentai.
Made an oopsie.

The page I uploaded last week was this week's. I've replaced last week's with the proper page.
My b.
@Pidifer: Yes. You :D
It's a little late for Halo 5 comic.

I tried.

Just like this layout tried.
I might do something about it, but idk.
Also want to announce that I've updated the characters page.
@The Magnificent Z: My squids are never hidden.
I feel obligated to say something here.

So this comic was never really intended to be on Smack Jeeves. Don't remember my thought process as to WHY it ever did, but it's here, and I'm going to live with that. This comic started as an inside joke between me and *ONE* friend. We both watched a lot of anime, and made jokes about common tropes all the time. I then spouted on about the idea of the comic to Chris, who pretty much encouraged me to do the thing that I do and that is making pixelated rainbow feces in Photoshop.
I then posted the comic series on a private forum I frequent, where they have mistakenly given me an ego over this. Maybe it's because of this ego that drove me to post it on a more public platform. For that, my bad.

Now, I haven't really forgotten about uploading new pages here. I honestly dropped the comic for over a year now. I did other things. Pursued other projects. Hell, I actually had an entire fourth arc planned for this comic by the time I finished page 26. I knew what I wanted to do and where to go. Then motivation plummeted, the way I wanted to change the comic was too much. Long story short, I convinced myself to not put in any effort to do what I had written down. Cause I'm an asshole to myself and everyone around me.
That's the title of my upcoming autobiography.

But I did decide that I can do something else, and now I'm doing that.
So hi. I'm doing comics again. I hate myself.

Edit> A couple points I missed. Need to update a few things. Banner and character page are up there. Second, I didn't upload page 12 (I think it was 12) here for reasons. I had been meaning to make an SJ version, but just haven't done it yet. I swear I will, and then the first panel of the following page will make slightly more sense.

Also this page fucked up the layout. But I don't know jack shit about HTML so for now I'm gonna go ahead and say deal with it.
So this arc is done now, with a rather dramatic twist.

I'll be taking a bit of a break to relax.

And if we're all lucky, I might consider planning out the next arc or so.
I have a couple extra pages set up.

I have quotes from my friends who've read this comic and reacted to it.

And I also have a Characters page. So now you know who's who.

I don't know why I'm trying to catch these up on SJ. But I am.
Edgy Ganon is best fanon.
... Does it HAVE to be an octopus?
I have no idea why I'm posting these here. But it's something I've been doing during my away time.

Edit> I should make note that a majority of the jokes on these pages are made amongst a group of my friends on a site elsewhere. So if you fail to understand a certain punchline or two, probably because you're not in this group of friends.

Shame on you.