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Priya has so much game you guys
tfw you get caught boywatching
August 30th, 2014
Welcome to Deathmatch Remastered! It's been three years since we started the comic, and because Justin is a monster who cannot stop drawing he has decided to update all the old pages to fit better with the current ones! We'll be updating the entire archive over time, then eventually replace the old chapters with the completed new ones! Thanks for reading, and enjoy the snazzy new pages!
We're back baby!
Man, remember the time I went on hiatus for the fall? Well, almost a year later we're finally back! As it turned out other projects meant I didn't have time to draw Battlemaidens regularly, but my good friend and partner Justin agreed to take up the mantle! His art is basically incredible so as much as I enjoyed drawing I am beyond excited to see what he can do.

There wont be a set schedule as Justin is also drawing another comic at, so we'll post pages whenever he has time for them! Sorry for the long wait, and let's make it mahou from here on out too!
Maaaaaan it's good to be back!
Effie is having a brisk fall walk! I live in the northeast so autumn is hitting us like a freight train, but it's always so short even though it's my favorite season D:

IN ANY CASE, Battlemaidens is gonna take a short break (2-3 weeks) while I rebuild my buffer and work on my art in preparation for chapter 2! I have learned a whole heck of a lot so far in the past 25 pages, and I would like to thank everyone who read, liked, reblogged or commented on any of the pages!

Let's make the next chapter mahou too!

@sugarcore: Aww, why thank you! Day = made
It’s a good rule of thumb to always keep sunglasses around in case you accidentally do anything cool.


Oh it's on now!

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It's monster time!!

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Magical selfies whatwhat!

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I just like sparkles okay

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If you guys wanted the rest of the comic to just be mahou shoujo transformations I would be fine with that they are the most fun ever
Double update, it's henshin time!!
A day late due to medical emergencies (everything’s okay don’t worry!) but we’re finally getting to the Mahou!

ALSO if you would like to follow the comic on Tumblr, you can do that now!
...I probably would have chosen Sparklewand too...
Fun Fact: The Ghost Sword is made of ghosts, and can only be used to fight ghosts, its really not that good unless you're fighting ghosts
I still sometimes use the term "bad kid" in my head and then remember that I'm an adult...