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What is Pigtail Studio?
A group of Artists that work on joint and individual projects. Our main focus as a studio is to tell stories through many different mediums, including comics and animation, and learn from each other along the way. We are made up of 5 members and though some projects are solo projects, we often end up working together to help each other out. KAIJU, a subgroup of Pigtail, is currently publishing in for their short "The Ring of Saturn."
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@KruegerKiss: Bonus material features, our first take on chapter 01. We re-worked chapter 01 three times. Sorry for the confusion. I will fix the order.
Thank You!

Sorry to be away for so long. It's good to be back. <3
They caught up!
We are back again.
We are back from Hiatus/Vacation. :P
October 16th, 2013
October 15th, 2013
Working on Secret Project.
Hi, Guys good good news. We are currently working on a secret Ponzi Project, that we shall let you know in November/December. So we are kind of occupied. However, we will come back with updates that we missed this month, which will total up 7 bonus pages that we shall work on in October. Sorry, for sudden unexpected event. :D See you in October!

-Lots of Love MB
August 30th, 2013
August 19th, 2013
Last Bonus page. See ya at the end of the week. With another update. Hopefully Ray heard it.
August 18th, 2013
Bonus Page :D For missed week.
August 17th, 2013
Anime Expo/Otakon Delays
Hi, guys yes its a 3 week delay... Omg we missed two pages for you. Please accept our apologies, we were traveling to conventions. Such as Otakon and Anime Expo. It was a lot of fun. Comic-Con at NY is next.
We will do our best to include 2 extra pages within 7 days to catch up on what we missed. Thank You, so much and enjoy. -MB
@mirror-wolf: Yay!! Thank you!! Glad you're liking it! There will be more on team mentis in the 8th chapter ;)
Back to team Amon! O.O
@Akiaa: lol Glad you're liking her! :D

Sorry for the delay!! We've been swamped from AX the last two weekends. We'll be back on schedule starting now!
@mynxyly: Yay! lol Glad you're liking Allison! XD She's a fav of the studio too.

Thank you! :D
So as you can see, Allison is a very hands on leader... O.O
Each team has a different leader, but each has a very... unique approach to leading. What kind of leader will Alison be? aha~
So this is what team Soma has been up to :o