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One day I will get the hang of writing in these 'about yourself' boxes and will be able to say something clever, witty and insightful. It will be glorious.

But until then, you get this. Whoever you are.
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This looks GREAT! The premise is really interesting and the artwork is GORGEOUS! I also have a personal fondness for short story anthologies so I get the feeling I'm really going to enjoy this.
@HABE: Oh wow, thank you! I'm glad it's effective. :) I notice you faved this comic as well so I though I should let you know that I'm currently re-doing it. It will be back updating in a month or two with a revised first chapter. :)
The update for today is actually four new pages replacing the prologue so please go back and read from the beginning.

It's not just a re-draw, it's a totally new scene rewritten to connect better with future events and plot points. :)
@eternalbeliever12: Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me as I used to be totally incapable of doing backgrounds and I've been working very hard to improve on that. :)
Had serious art block on this page and I'm still not happy with it... ah well, at least it's finished if nothing else.
After twelve again, whoops
Comparing this to the last page with Olive, I realised she looks quite different here. I hope it's clear she is the same person, she's just changed her clothes and brushed her hair.
The chap in the left hand corner does not approve of your shouting. >:(
Soooo, it's gone twelve and thus, technically it is Thursday... but I haven't been to bed yet so it still counts as Wednesday, right? Right? Yeah, that's how it works...

Due to bad time management I used up what little semblance of a buffer I had and it seems the universe tried to punish me for it. Think three days is plenty of time to do a page? Have an unexpected day of work sprung on you followed by spending the whole of the next day in A&E. That'll teach you to fall behind schedule.

On a more relevant note, I'm experimenting with how I do text and speech bubbles. When I finally decide what works I will go back and fix all previous pages for consistency.
URGH, SO MUCH LOVE! This comic is amazing!
July 6th, 2012
Love it!
This looks so much my kind of thing, I can't wait to see more!
Oooh, I'm loving this!
The artwork is really great and the story, from what I can glean of it so far, looks like a lot of fun. :D

Also, I love their expressions in that last panel!
Cold pizza fixes all problems
She has the attention span of a goldfish with ADD...
This is Olive.
She needs to tidy her room. For one thing, it would make my job easier, drawing all the little bits of rubbish on her floor gave me a cramp in my hand.
Random fact - I got the perspective reference for this by leaning out of one of my windows. Top left you can just see my other window and this is sort of like a fantasy version of my street.

I kind of wish it really DID look like this... although those walkways are clearly a health and safety hazard the council would never allow.

- EDIT - Changed the font.
@doomjazz: Thank you! I hope it continues to keep your interest. :)
It begins...
Cover! I'm really not very good at typography - still not entirely satisfied with that title. I don't really know how to make it better though, so oh well. I can always go back and change it later I guess.

- EDIT - Changed the font.
August 29th, 2010
I really love your drawing style and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more from you!

Also, I don't think you should worry to much about being a little late with your updates... you obviously put allot of care and effort into your pages and, in my opinion anyway, that's what counts in the long run. :)