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End of Chapter Two! I should get some divider pages in here or something. More importantly, I should get on the next chapter. By which I mean, 95% chance of no page next week, because I need to clean up my script for the Chapter Three. Thanks for reading!
@Bro: THANKS BRO! Bro glad you like all of those things and it is a library, it had a sign in one page but then the building was never viewed from that angle again and unfortunately it's not a micrograph, just a scan of some watercolor. Yay bro bro.
I am late and I am sorry. Hi bro.
Eeeh late but still on the correct day, my time. Also woah there I'm not sure what I'm doing with styles. I kind of mess around with them a lot because this was always supposed to be a practice comic, but someone please let me know if it's distracting or ugly or something.
Aaah sorry. Between a color page and posting on time, I picked posting on time. Principle of the thing, I guess? Hey, anyone have opinions on color vs. black and white? I honestly can no longer tell which looks better.
To be fair, it is a pretty cool fun fact.
I'm BACK. Kind of. Well, yes? But there's going to be a huge gap. I was going to worry about it, but then I remembered that this is not a very cohesive/coherent journal. So. Heyo, aiming for once a week updates until I get a buffer going, then hopefully back to twice a week. This comic happened in March.
The question: why the hell does he feel the need to check this right now?

The answer: he's kind of stupid.
March 29th, 2014
Two characters who may never eve show up every again. Basically started this on a whim and then it was actually really fun yeah I know it probably doesn't make any sense to anyone other than me I find I often do this when I'm making shorter things.
Whee I think the longest I've gone without shifting styles has been 3 pages. This time the bold outlines were bugging me and I'm pretty happy with this so probably won't switch back, at least not right away.
My roommate thinks I should replace the pen. I think ink on the face is stylin'.
February 17th, 2014
This is not toned because I think that it is ugly.
This is just a page that got more and more frustrating as I went but whoo it's done now moving on look guys I'm too slow for weekly, but I have been working on this since I finished the previous page whoo little steps.
Boop, I'll try to get some actual narrative pages in. I do like doing other things, like this, but I feel like I should keep the mix... mixy.
GRAH anyone who's still reading, thanks for bearing with endless inconsistency and delay. But hey! New page!
Merry Christmas, Christmas-observers! And everyone else, why not.

In other news, I'm bad at holiday theming.
There is getting to be a really long delay between events happening and being made into comics. It doesn't show now, but just wait until it's Christmas and I'm posting about my midterms.
This happened almost a year ago now, and I've been sitting on the page since. Yeah.
September 23rd, 2013
Evidentally, this got delayed. That doesn't mean I'm vanishing forever, though! I'm going to try to keep this going regularly. I'll probably even keep filling in blacks properly, I just kind of liked this one the way it was. (#might-as-well-experiment?)