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Well, I have had everything running now for a little while. I started with And All That could Have Been, then started Rise and Fall of the False God (yes I have a thing for long titles). I also have a couple of other things mulling about in my brain, one I have been working on the script for called Confessions of a Teenaged Sex Addict. However, I am not sure if that one will ever make it anywhere.

Anyway, I have put AATCHB on hold right now, I only have the time for one comic right now, and at the moment my heart is really into Rise and Fall.

I hope everyone enjoys.

Also, I feel it fair to note that I am a comment whore. I love to hear back from people, so feel free to tell me what you think... just... in a way that isn't flaming, even if you don't like the page for some reason.

Anywho, that is all
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very cute!
October 21st, 2011
u r lucky i <3 u bitch! it made me sign in to rate it, and i was being lazy rogue... and not signing in. lol
Beautifully done :D
Where on top of me? LoL that was wonderful. Single line that made my day. That and the little flags she is holding!!
OMG! Does he not have claws! She... srry... poor kitteh! *huggles*
The doc is kinda creepy in a sexy sort of way... I love him! He is great, and for the record, I love BD. It has proven not to have a dull moment, artistically or creatively!
glad to see you back, and I am waiting for the story to progress eagerly.

Thanks for letting us know what is up and I hope it all works out for you!
i am so glad u r back! YAYZ!!!
i see him getting yelled at for saying `going to school to get an education in something silly`...o.o
April 13th, 2011
rotflmao. i love it... worth the wait. lol.
Horus is just a little intimidating at times... he is a totally crazy old man! lol.
what more can i say
The Article
I am sure that the article that you posted got more comments then the art work this week... first off, i would like to say that I love both the bird men, and the fish lady, and I am REALLY interested to see where this convention is going.

Second, I would like to agree whole heatedly with that article. As an artist, I know how much work it takes to put a page together, and mine are not nearly as well done as yours are... if I had someone come in and be like... you should change this, or that sucks, or this part of the story would be better, then I would probably freak out and say lots of mean mean things to them.

Lastly, with that said...


Just kidding!
Awe, I love your detail for the grotesque. It is amazingly well done, and clearly shows a love for your art ;) While some might think you disturbed... I give you three thumbs up.
awe it is annoying birdy kid's daddy! he is preeeeetty.
AWWWWWWWWWeeeeee Draco looks sooo sad in that bottom frame....
Am ass with a sandwich... that was fucking wonderful!!
omg, the harpie is adorable.
Snarfed my tea!
totally need to remember not to read ur comic when I am drinking tea! That was great... and I effing LOVE his expression there. :D

Nani? Whale dick??