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Another new page of Palexglow is up, FINALLY for you all to enjoy-! And this also marks the end of the opening chapter flashbacks.
Thanks much :D
@renchikolul: It's great to be back :D
@Morbidprince: Thank you, it was nice meeting you too :D In fact I've started picking up the series again~!
We're back-?
What's this-? Am I off my year-long hiatus on this series? I just might-!
February 17th, 2013
@Yaya of Yaoi: Ridely's that kind of person, if you didn't realize you must be new here. Plus this page was posted was seven years ago, so fucking sue me.
And that's the end of that chapter
Poor desk... D:
Things are getting curiouser and curiouser between the mad doctor and Akio...
Along with his intentions with Murdoc and how he connects to his strange 'experiments'...
This page seriously should have been out sooner
But things happened, life kicked me in the teeth, and so on :'D
New page I slaved on while having fun during Anime Expo weekend the past four days XD
And now we meet the 'guest' they were talking about-no surprise, it's the REAL Murdoc!
Goodness me, what could the evil doctor be planning, letting Axis get captured like that-?
And who could his guest be that's 'recovering'?
And here most everyone expected Ridely to be in danger :3
Sure he can be a bit oblivious at times, and seems rather defenseless, but... that goes flying out the window the minute he discovers Murdoc may potentially be in danger 8l
Well, that's certainly rude of him >:I
And yes Ridely realizes more and more that this is not Murdoc. I mean come on. Slitted eyes-? Claws-? It's ridiculous how easy it was to rustle this imposter's Jimmies.
Oh dear.
It's not taking long for Ridely to figure something's up, too.
Go Kaori!
Flee for school for the sake of your sanity! D:
Ohai Axis
you're looking as intimidating as always ;v;
Yes that's exactly what it means
Moved to tumblr
On tumblr:

On Deviantart:
Well now-Ramier's dragon plan may have backfired. Somehow c8;
Also, I'm planning to eventually move Noble Heart to tumblr instead of here on Smackjeeves. It's been a fun run, but I think I prefer tumblr better. The comic ALSO updates on Deviantart and has its own group:
Oh-ho~! Looks like it was the teacher behind it, all along-!
Why can I imagine Ramier turning out as one of the more popular characters in the series...?
Don't forget there's a DRAGON on the loose.