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I draw Mangas since 2011, mostly BL.
Please be kind. ´u`


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Sorry for unregular updates :)
Aran sure knows how to "show someone to be over their relationship" BD haha
Thanks! Im glad! (Its always the same with old stuff :D)
@Mavya: I am from Germany! C:
Sorry about the quality :O It's about two years old... u//_//u
SOrry for not uploading! :/
I forgot i had this webcomic still going here!
@readdreamlove: Thanks so much!! :)
i just forgot i uploaded my story here ;/
I'll look for the english translated pages and upload again so that you can decide if it's a story you like :D
@Mavya: Hey!! Thanks! Don't worry, my unregular updates are not because of's just that i constantly forget that i uploaded my story here and have to translate, before i upload..
I'll try to upload more :D
December 14th, 2014
I totally forgot i uploaded my manga on this page!! so sorry! hope some readers are still alive XD
Read from Right to Left <<<<
I upload in a five days rythm atm! (Was that sentence even correct? x//D)
@FireBorg: Ohh you're totally right, i just mixed them up, thank you...x"D
@JokaNeko: Yeah, poeple tend to reduce you to whatever they find most different about you, if they don't know you that well, right ´ u `"
Read from right to left! <<<<<<<<<<
And thanks for reading .//u//.
@FireBorg: Thank youu ;/u/; You are the first to comment, i'm so happy!
More uploads will follow soon! > u <
Sorry about the white stripe; the data for the finished page without letters was missing, so i had to edit it like this ^^"
April 12th, 2012
When does your next comic start? :D
February 28th, 2012
And i am just like: WHUUUUT IS HAPPENING *face pressed against the screen*
why didn't i find your comic sooner?
I really love your comic, i have to laugh at every page, i love Sanders and Jocks ..uhm...relationshi----friendship-bromance...thing XD *ship ship*
You are awesome!!! O/n/O
Ahhhh yeah i've been waiting too for new pages!
Simon is so cute when he's in panic QAQ
Yeah sure Julius might explode tehehe...
Oh God i love your comic and why do i have to live somewhere in europe? Q_Q Anyway have fun...
And give us more awesome pageees *__*
School sucks...but you can do it!!! D: I love your comic (though i had some problems with differentiating Craig and Stan...sometimes )
Anyways I love it and I am looking forward to new pages!! *_*
September 5th, 2011
Hahaha hes such a horny guy and i love him----XDDD