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You think its strange, that there's a way
of how you looked, and how you act, and how you think
pretend they're not the same as you.
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It's needed. :\
I've had this sitting in my omputer for a while, so I decided to post it.
Oh goodness, pages have been super crappy lately. I promise that the next one will look WAY better. :( No more of my shitty handwriting and art will be a bit cleaner.
So sorry.
Love chu all.
That's happened to me over 9000 times.
Shitty page is shitty.
Lita's design changed a bit.
And she believes Bob Marley is a historical figure, my friend agrees.
This is Lita, she is purple. I doodled her and now I'm posting her. :]))
This is Frankie, Frankie is short and singing Journey on my cover.
But I'm not sure if I did it correct, I can't draw long sleeve dresses very well Willykins, if you have a compaint, please tell me, that goes for everyone if you don't like how I draw your character PLEASE TELL ME. :]
:| Jimmy you perve.
Here's Heather- sorry about the zero clothing, my computer was lagging and I was too lazy to go through giving her an outfit.
This lady actually reminds me of one of the PE teachers at my school, except her hair black.
Its funny, because my gym teacher is a lesbian, XD
Oh goodness, I love it, but try to have less white space, it causes screen stretching which makes viewing the entire picture diffacult. ^_^
I absolutely love this comic- in a gay way.
I use the name Jimmy WAY too much, can't help its MY nickname in realish yeah.
Anyone may apply. :D
D: Now we'll never know what they'll be having for dinner.
The Game.
I see what you did there.