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Raging Ghost
A Mortal Kombat addict.
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You fool! You had to go to Needle Man to get his weakness.
@AuraX: Fine. If he screw up once, he's banned.

@FK: Yeah sure.
I mainly banned you to avoid myself the hassle of arguing with you.
Whatever. You still did that.
No. He always interferes with my stuff in EP, he keeps arguing with me and also, he argued with you, therefore causing you to ask me to ban him on ND.
Yet, he/you(?) did it on EP and ND.

Anyway, I'll stop antagonizing him once he apologized for those months of screwing with me.
The bastard just keep using a different computer over and over again.
Why not putting it clinically dead?
And you, Slyfer, don't bother ever commenting here or on ND because your comments will be deleted, anyways.

Besides, that's what you get for messing with me and 8-bit.
Anyone who got ''Slyf'' on their username (whatever it's a guest or not) will be automatically banned.

Have a nice day.
Just in case somebody asks if he can use it.
You don't mind if somebody use it?
Here's a reminder of the rules:

-I do the fights. However you decide who wins and how it ends (KO or Death blow/fatalities/whatever).

-[b]No dropouts. It's a pain in the ass to gather the whole thing, so I don't want it to be ruined.[/b]

-You can vote once a day. However, if one author is highly popular and got most of the votes, we reset the vote count, so it can be fair.

-Those who are subscribed and are actually involved in a fight in progress can't vote until their fight is over.

Since Senal's last comic here broke the rule in bold, the fight still goes on. And he's still in the tournament.
The reasons why the update is short will be explained in this comment:

1. I will get a new PC today, so it will take time to transfer the necessary stuff from my actual PC to my new one.

2. I will also be on vacation next week. So, until I updated the tournament or ND, I'm on hiatus and this tournament is on hold. Anyone caught interfering with it will lose their perms until the tournament is over.

I'm the one who do the fights. Remember that.

Have a nice day.
I mainly based what AJ said on what you said about the paintbrush.
@senalcoolage: No. I handle the tournament, so I don't want anyone to interfere with the storyline.
@8-bitSilverSnake: That way, you can directly reply to a comment.
And here, for a second, I thought that the inverted people were assassins for the P.S.S.S.