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Squidpower duo Chris and Maxi (Trio if you actually count TeK) with custom pixel webcomics. Others are welcome (Meaning games, music, drawn comics, etc.)

This is the official Squidpower Smackjeeves profile. For more info, visit the forums:
*Official website on its way*
Yeah Heli's a true faggot.

I don't like pirates. Or Japanese people for that matter.

They eat my brethren.
Bitch please. Everyone does.

Except them bloody Octopi. And the cloud that doesn't update. EVER.
You're all idiots.

Super Mario is where it's at.
I am the will of Squidpower.

And I command you to update for once.

Love, ttlynotTeKlogginginastheofficialSPFSJaccountlol.