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Me im just me i like manga comics art reading writing etc etc
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Fight fight... wait is this street fighter?
it go time! Justin demon likes to talk alot, I think even ray Charles could have seen that Punch coming Lolz and whats this this could this be the demon woman's finishing move ?!? hadouken LOLZ

some demon on demon action
So the nameless demon Woman who was working with Karina has now found Justin, just what is the demons intentions... but wait just a second Justin can turn into some type of demon too... what the heck is going on here!?!

Was It her assets or her words that got him?
So Its Seem like Reno has caught the police commissioners attention. Just what was he looking at? compared to Reno commissioner Duncan is Huge! despite making him Mad She was able to convince Duncan to side with her! just how is she going to accomplish what she promised him?

hello coppers
so now Juno was able to convince the don to sign up with Sintec (thanks to renos demonstration) now can Reno do the Same with the police commissioner? and who is this person that Juno had to kill that was colder than anyone they know?
The plot for freedom
The seeds for freedom are being sewn... but what is Helena and her alter ego/power Queen bee trying to escape from and who? and how is Justin the focal point of their plan... I sure wanna know!

Wow I hate to be these guys after jumping bail after being bonded out by DWI then you try harming the owner when she asks nicely for your cooperation... Hikaru comes out to Play and she like to play rough... and she always catches her prey...

(sorry for the long delay new job and ish but my readers you get a double header 2 pages for the price of one)

Reno Sealed the deal
So Don Cornholio is all a blaze of the possibility that Jenova will bring his crime organization. It looks like the don's right hand man Tony is not pleased with the loss of his best men... and Reno has just gained a new enemy to add to her already long list of foes lol

Reno's Coup de grâce
So the Cornholoio family brought out the big "Gun" Guess no one told mongol about the prize that he would get if he beat her... but Reno thanks to Jenova is able to dodge even rapid rounds from a mini chain gun (eat ya hearts out Neo and Agent smith lol) Poor mongol she had to gut him like a pig... In Reno's book being called a bitch and trying to kill her all punishable by death

Dont call me a B
So i guess the cornholio goons are going to learn the heard way that Calling Reno a "B" will get you a sledgehammer to the face or your heart pushed out your chest... Ouch!

The Offer Demonstrated
"power beyond your wildest dreams" Reno Is demonstrating for the Cornholio Family the power of Jenova. seems a little painful at time of injection but hey no pain no gain... But Juno is quite the Guy offering up Reno's goodies If the Cornholio men can win... does he know something we dont? i wonder... but we now know Reno dose not like to be touched... i wonder why? XD

The Offer
So the Offer has now been reviled... The means to wield power beyond ones wildest dreams... but with great power there is always a price...

This offer that cant be refused
So Reno And Juno have Met the Don... Don Cornhoilo (lol) Seems like the Don is More concerned about Reno's Assets and ignoring the fact the Juno is even there (poor guy lol) I wonder what the deal is Reno seem a little apprehensive... What the heck is this offer that cant be refused?

Agents of SinTech
Sorry for the long delay been a little Lazy... but that wouldn't fly with the these new mysterious Agents of SinTech. Even Though Juno is In charge Reno seems to be running the show... But I wanna know just what is it that she hates the most?... guess I will have to wait and see

what or who is this large cooperation? and what plans do they have in store for our hero Justin WestGate
check it out!
Demons WithIn aka "Tenma Zaichuu"

"What Happens when Love is turned into a weapon"

Demons WithIn Is centered around Justin Westgate and Elisa Reavis. Individuals thrown together as fate would have it but there is more to it then it would seem. A mad mans noble quest to unite the world but at what cost... the strings of fate are never what they seem...

<img src=" quot;>

welcome to the world of Tenma Zaichuu
Cosplay kissing is can lead to trouble lolz
So far.... Helena has transformed in to Queen Bee, and Hiro is more than excited when he makes the mistake of referencing her to the "darkstalkers" and the legal department had her recite a legal statement. She discovers that she can connect to his mind and discovers that there will be a big shipment of money passing through darkwood city... what could she be planning and he may have given her freedom but from what and or who?

*note all the text behind queen bee is the actual US copy right law... she kept talking n talking and talking lol
cant wait for more!
wow this has been a non stop outstanding read! keep up the good work and I cant wait to read more!
So far....
Helena aka Queen Bee is hard at work when her current "John" Hiro desires to spice up their encounter with some Cosplay (hell hes paying for it so why not?) so Helena uses her new found ability and turns into QB. * Cell3 shes Referring to the tattoo on her neck "Jdub"
So far....
Justin Is trying to figure out the cryptic words of advice that he was just given... and whats up with dom's 2 tailed dog and over weight cat LOL

*and this is the end of all my old newbie artwork* yay!
So far....
We continue the story Our Hero Justin aka Jay Dub was trying to enjoy his morning not knowing his own powers inadvertently cases a small earthquake causing a woman simply known as Dominique to trip and fall what will develop out of this whoo hooo hooo XD