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Male. (Know to many Chris's of both genders)
Play console games mostly.
Canada FTW!
Currently has to much time in the day. So I sleep lots. Also YouTube. And/or reading.

Love art. A webcomic still needs a story to hold me though.
Not judgmental (well only a bit). So the comics I follow can be rather... varied.
Rarely comment. Also I rarely actually go on this site. I tend to find a couple comics to watch and bookmark them.
Just faster that way.

If for whatever reason I've been messaged. I will reply. Just when I realize it happened. (So one day)
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Yeah the moment a guard starts waving a gun is the moment I'm leaving something fast.
February 19th, 2019
It's back!?
Well it has been awhile since I checked here but wow. Updated pages and all. Still looks good too!

Read your one post and if you really want something changed really badly that it might even effect your creative juices towards the comic. Well, just post some words describing the changes and continue forward from there.

At the very least I'll be checking in. I love the art style so much it could be any story.
That moment when you realize you sent some stranger to do your own dangerous job.

Her Smile!
I am in love with that wide smile.
March 2nd, 2017
Late birthday celebrations continue!
January 12th, 2017
@AlkseeyaKC: Thank you for the information!
January 5th, 2017
Out of curiosity does anyone know what the page difference is between free and patreon?
December 29th, 2016
Been looking forward to it. Will help if possible.
The power of the Rush compels you!
The walls of the last panel flicker when i scroll. I find this amusing.

And the page looks fine. You're a good artist making a good webcomic.
That is a really well done "I am very tired" face you have placed on him.

And yeah. Figure collecting can make wallets cry loads. At the same time having a small army of your own is rather nice to look at.

The duel purpose that they work as reference is a nice bonus.
He might be fine but you are collapsing.
Just poking around.
Seeing if anything is moving.
The last line made me laugh.
"I know this!"

Just showing how he knows how he can be and even this is bad. Heh
No questions are asked when it's a cousin.
I've had no Chrome issues mainly because I just manually check every second day. Got you on my bookmarks. Thanks for caring though!

Also poor Jet. Such a conversation never bodes well. Unless luck is on ones side I suppose.
Bah. Drainage from having to interact with a small horde in the name of a birthday (Especially your own) is a totally reasonable excuse.

Just happy to hear a general explanation.
It's your webcomic. On your time.